DDDs ILGM-MW-I-P Five Seeds dropped

Borrowed from @Labweed
Todays re-reading assignment. 33/13 ON/OFF cycle, “36 hour photo period”.

28 hour photoperiod

More hours to gaze, I love it.
hopefully the seedings, clones, and re-vegers do too.


Update for 11/15/2023
Either way, I joined the 23/13 schedule. Indoors, PNW.
My tent is empty of harvestable flowers but filled with candidates.
Clones, seedlings, and revegers all should benefit at this point.
Heat restrictions, not a problem now. 600+watts LEDs from HLG.
May need supplementing for some heat generating lights.
Gee I have a few Impossible wattage cheapies, but not til this proves they are required for heat generation.

The tent was flipped on 11/1/23 from 12/12 to 18/6 and now 23/13 (second time increase). Clones, re-vegers, or flowering plants are producing new green, maybe flower(?) Some new white pistils (a few) are positive indications.
New green growth has been appearing as I did the first flip.
20-30 inches of vacant canopy available for anybody.
Available to entertain grower comments/commenting, DDD.
Still waiting delivery of ILGM seeds and separate Vape batteries.
Holding my breath, waiting to exhale.


Update Auxillary Reveg station VS1000, Temp 55-60, 24 hrs ON full.
No visible change, but plant has colors inspired from outdoor living until 11/1/23.

23/13 Tent has the seedlings, clones and re-vegers.
Prize reveger (biggest, oldest, BABE) showed new single blade growth today.
Previously, the “light green” color may have been optimistically interpreted.
Clearly, signs of re-growth are showing on others. Some dont look so good, either.
Seedlings look like they are being pushed hard. Couple of flowering clones, are showing claw leaves and nice white pistils packing on.


11/17/2023 Update
posted on my other thread also, and @Labweed’s 28 hr photoperiod.)
Lights ON-23/13-OFF

On the re-vegers and some clones, I am getting new green leaf or white growth (single leaf growth or pistils). Surprising and pleasing me, for sure.
New growth will allow me to further trim to clean the “excess” green foliage that was left from the last grow or grab some clones, prior to shaping for flower colas.

Not the same story with the seedlings. the ILGM Maui Wowie’s.

They are looking pushed or stressed (a little wrinkly or light color, not the usual darker green leaf color). Remembering they are 11/1 seed drop date and all have been “up-planted” from solo cup origin using solo cup dumped into hole method for re-planting in “occupied” bag residence.

Not seeing any “stretch” as yet.

Not seeing any “stretch” as yet, probably too soon.
New green growth is definitely a positive result.
I don’t care if new growth is “reveg” or “still alive”, I am happy.
Happy with lighting routine, so far.
Green growth or nwe white pistils is good.

I am concerned that temperature in grow tent becomes too cold during OFF light and lung/garage night temps.
Mitigation would require 18/6 lights Off mid-day in winter (lung room low temp 55-60, currently and will be worse in winter. Sunlight (when available) heats lung room and grow tent gets fed warmer air.
Still looking for “referral” or recommendation on portable dual hose (600 SQFT/ 12,000 BTU minimums) dual function (AC/Heater), And yes Blue-Tooth.

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Late correction or update, YES, I am seeing “STRETCH”, just not 6inches, on everybody.

The green leaf growth actually has an inch of stem (on more than one leaf).
Others have some “stretch” out from tight buds.
Thinking 18/6 is better until I sort out who grows where/how.


Five ILGM MWI-F-P (dropped 11/1/23, solo cup for a week and 'up-planted).
Shared spaces (3) and cut gallon jug (2).

New tool for inventory (soil capture device).

Two soil samples from two different planters making separate slurries.
First was 5.9-PH 750-PPM. Second was similar (acceptable and forgotten).
Water used was 6.5/500.

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Operation Aphid removal scheduled for today.
Not on my seedlings,yet.
Found on an older clone. Hasn’t grown in weeks.
Removed from tent.
How mobile are the bastards?

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The biggest diff I notice plant to plant is light sensitivity, more than hunger or other variances. I think some plants will love it some wont… I see good reason for having a few tents now, had been checking out labweed’s grow too, still didnt figure out how… Two timers? Frequent tending? Still dont know

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Had to bail light timing for 18/6 (not 23/13).
Stretch observed, re-generation, maybe.
seedling being pushed hard, so reducing hours of lights on.
Aphid invasion requires resolution.
Need access to tent more often.
AC-I Cloudline Controllers do Off. On, Auto, Cycle, or Schedule handling timing quite nicely.
Tent ambient conditions monitored for temp/humidity limits.
Controller can support settings for control and limiting temp/Rh or VPD.

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Seedlings doing well.
Solo cup transition to bags or gallon jugs completed.
Plastic gallon residents ready for up-potting (good root developed).
Ladybugs still impressively active or bad escape artists.
I plan to get more for Christmas.

PNW weather going to be difficult for everybody.
Rain, flooding, and snow on Wednesday.
Winter, if we didn’t get the memo.
Best wishes for all.


No change in weather pattern, just calendar.
Clone that flowered and hit maturity, just became Cull Candidate (Aphid carrier found). Cut/toss and then soap sprayed remaining two inches of twin buds.
Evicted from tent 12/9/23. Relocated to out area.
Next watering will involve another candidate for eviction.
Seedlings doing OK, maybe.

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