Day 60 WW auto - how does she look? Is this light burn?

hey guys I figured I’d share this to maybe get some insight on what’s been going on the last couple of days…

I noticed the lower fan leaves are showing what looks like a nitrogen deficiency and the top of the plant looks like the tips are burnt, a lot of the leaves seem to be getting a yellow color as well

I’m thinking it might be light burn at the top of the plant (it’s 12 inches away from the light) but I’m not sure why I’m getting yellowing fan leaves, I been feeding 3/4 strength FF trio every other watering and my runoff ppm is usually 800-1200…runoff ph at 6.5…I also add cal mag to every water I use

growing in FFOF under SpiderFarmer SF1000, humidity around 20% and temps between 70-75 degrees. One oscillating fan for airflow

She’s 60 days from sprout, here are some pics (ignore the 2 in the solo cups that I never had room for)

Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

As plant flowers, once past mid-flower the nutrient demand drops off as senescence is kicking in on the plant: that’s what you are seeing down low. The plant is consuming itself, using the N and micronutrients present in old fan leaves. This is completely normal and I don’t see any cause for concern. I would suggest monitoring runoff TDS so you have a baseline to lower as plant progresses. That is also why you see a bit of tip burn and some chlorosis on top leaves.

Great job so far; looks like another 4 or 5 weeks.


I’m very relieved to hear that, thank you so much, I have been monitoring TDS runoff so far and have kept it between 800-1200, do you think that should be lower now? One thing is for sure I’ll start feeding 1/2 strength now instead of 3/4 strength, I think that’s a good start, do you think it’s necessary to keep adding “Grow Big” (the one with the lots of nitrogen) or should I cut that out?

Likely the N is the cause of tip burn as plant doesn’t need much in flower. It does need some though. I think with the FF trio I’d target input TDS at something like 900 to 1,000 ppm until runoff exceeds input. Then water only until it drops back down or run some water through it.

High intensity lights also make plants a bit calcium-hungry so a bit of cal mag until the last two weeks or so is probably appropriate.

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ah ok, makes sense, last question…should I cut the N out gradually or should I just cut it out completely? Meaning the “grow big” of course, since there is some nitrogen in tiger bloom and the cal mag that I feed.

You could and many do. I like to support the plant all the way to harvest and rely on water only for the last week or so to reduce N levels so smoke isn’t harsh.


Thank you for all the information man

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