Current GG4 Scrooge’s twice with some LST

34 days since flip. Gg4


Looks like a happy tent !!

Nice grow. OBVIOUS…you have experience with GG.
Growing GG myself…first time and not sure how it will profile.
Any suggestions ?
Would be nice to see pics in white light.

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Very happy today…little thirsty feed in am…still 4 weeks away from harvest

Actually I have never grown gg, but been doing this since the 70s…
Every strain will talk to you if you listen, or should I say show you what they like…
These are thirsty and hungry all the time…still a month out from harvest…think I will grow again before summer approaches…


Very impressed by you scrog. Your experience shines thru!

Yeah, I hear you. Took awhile for me to tune into the leaves. Gotta keep them perky n green.
Are most of your GG ladies a medium height with very few side branches?
And, the seeds are from ILGM?
Did yours seem to prefer lower PH? Nute strength was light, medium or heavy for most of the grow?
Got into the 10+10 sale and trying two for the learning experience.

These are ILGM seeds…average height unscrogged and no topping is 36 inches in a 3 gallon pot…
I’m attactching a pic of one…
The grow is in 5 gallon, all topped at fifth node, and scrogged under two nets…second net is 10” above first…
As for nutes…I don’t start until fifth week of veg…cal-mag and water only up till then…

.at that time I use Fox Farm schedule for soil and feed as I see fit…


Tanlover 42
As for ph started out at 6.2 and seems to like 5.8 to 6.0 at this point in flower…38 days into flower.

Thanks for the detailed information. Very helpful.
Most sellers pics show a top bud and a harvested bud. Really doesn’t show the profile.
A big Xmas tree profile will limit the total plant count. A slender profile will almost double the available space n plant count.
Looking forward to enjoyable evenings sitting on the couch all warm and toasty…smoking n grinning as Fresh Air n All Along the Watchtower fill the air…:cowboy_hat_face::star_struck::vulcan_salute::v:

I saw Hendrix play his last show in America on July 4th 1970 at the Atlanta pop festival…played star spangled banner at midnight with amazing fireworks display…he put on a great set that night all his hits including watchtower…sad ending… he left for Europe and died shortly thereafter…
Keep the plant alive and out of the hands of corporate America…:v::sunglasses:

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Marc Emery said it best decades ago, “Overgrow, not overthrow”.

The Green Revolution Rolls Onward Tru the Fog…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v: