Curling leaves!

Help! I think I may have had my light a little too close to my tops. It was 16 inches and I moved it up to two feet. Any opinions or suggestions? I’m in fox farm ocean forest, no other nutrients. They broke ground on the 26th of last month.

I think you already have nailed it! The canoeing and brown tips are signs of led burn.
Do you have any way to read the DLI? If so you should be at about 35 now and work up to 45 when mature veg. If not, just start you light at about 30 inches, and keep a close eye on the top leaves as it grows into the light. At the first sign of canoeing this will be the approximate minimum distance.
I am sure you will get more opinions.

Yep. Heat stress seems to be the culprit. Just lifting the lights further away will work wonders. Beyond that, I’d add a small desk fan that blows above your plants but below the light (or right on the light) - it’ll help disperse the heat instead of letting it concentrate on the leaf surface. Won’t really lower tent temps generally but creates more uniform distribution.


Thank you very much, it definitely helps

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I have it at about 30 inches now

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They look sooooo much better!!


Cool! Be sure to tag us in your future posts so we can keep up with your progress.
BTW, a sh#* load of stuff happened to me in 1977. This includes laying a 1976 Triumph Bonneville on it’s side, due to a high speed front wheel wobble, at about 95mph. And this was just the tip of the iceberg for that year.

That funhouse mirror made me think you had 11 pots in there at first glance. Groovy!!


Wow, lmao! It does look pretty psychedelic in there!

Nice! That’s crazy man! lol

Hey, I didn’t notice the psychedelics in the picture, maybe this is because of the 70s also. Petty cool though!

It’s actually made by Vivosun lmao

Did those lights make it to you yet? :sunglasses: I sent them but never saved the tracking info for myself like an absolute pro

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They will be here tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!!

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Hey so I have a question. Should I top my autos right along with the rest??

Top em or FIM them. :v: I usually do.

Screw it, I’ll top at the fifth node like the rest

Got the lights today brother! I have the little one over part of my autos, and I’m ordering a soldering kit this week. I see what you tried to do tho, it could’ve worked

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Im digging the mirrors bro. About topping your autos… thats a personal choice. Youll see all kinds of opinions on the intraweb. I topped my G13s and LSTd. I think im going to average about 7oz per plant. But i was growing under a VS2000 and HLG320XL. If i hadnt cropped or LSTd, i dont know what my yield wouldve been. Your PH, lighting, grow medium, temps, nutes, ect will affect your yield. What i get might be more or less than what you get. Different strains produce different yields. As far as growing medium, i used Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, using Coast of Main amendments after 30 days in 5 gal fabric pots. Amendments were Organic Plant Food, Bud N Bloom ( during flowering ) and used worm castings as a topper. They broke ground July 3rd and I harvested Sept 12, around 8 weeks. They couldve gone a little longer but trichomes were all past clear with different ratios of amber…