Curling leaves?

This is a Jack Herrer AutoFlowering plant. It is about 5 weeks since I transplanted the seedling. I just bought the fox farm trio. Not sure how to use it. Lol. First grow ever. I also have an OG Kush auto flowering one going. No curls there!

Any advice?

If you haven’t added any nutes yet, that rules out overfertilizing. Likely overwatering. Do you wait for soil to completely dry out between waterings? The other variable is temp. High or low temps could cause that as well

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I do not wait for the soil to be totally dry. Hmmm… that could be the problem. Thank you!!

Also, any advice about the Fox Trio What and when should I use this stuff?

I started the Big Bloom in my 2nd week then adding Grow Big to that in Week 3 and Tiger Bloom to both of those when flowering starts.

I’m growing all autos so only using 1/3 of the recommended dosage since they’re a little more sensitive to nutrients.

You should be able to start Big Bloom and Grow Big now.

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Thank you so much for the tips. I really appreciate it.
I’ll keep you posted!!
Stay safe!

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Your plants are far enough along to give a light feeding.


I was gonna say the same bump it up to half or three quarters strenght on the next fees and see what happens from there. The most that will happen if it too much fpod is slight tip burns but thats not that bad. Pish them a little if u see tips start to look burned back off the nutes for the next feed a little bit. U should be almost to the point u can do full doses on them by now


Thank you!

I appreciate the tip :upside_down_face:

Ive always attributed upward curling to a cal mag deficency u might need a cal mag suplement as well

If you don’t have cal-mag on hand, I would get some soon and add to your schedule.


Water your plant to run off and test the tds, this will tell you how much room you have to feed without over feeding.
Follow ratios on the fox farms feeding guide but dilute until the mix winter over feed the plant for its current stage of growth.

Also lower your lights, you have to much stretch, see all that space between each node set of leafs. You want that roughly 1" ideally.
More light will make nodes clothe together, less light makes them. Further.

Also please take pictures in the dark with flash on as it’s impossible to see true leafs under a burple light.


Hi everyone. I was asked to put pictures up without my lights on.
This is Og Kush

This is Jack Herrer, now, it’s not curling as much today and there are little brown edges starting. I did what you guys said yesterday and started the feeding. I’ll keep you posted. I really appreciate the help :upside_down_face:

Get a copy of fox farms feeding schedule. You can get a copy from their web site or someone will jump in with a copy that they have saved.

Here is a photo of a feeding schedule for soil.

Most on this forum suggest starting out easy and using at less then the strength listed, you can do what you want.

You fill your container with water, add the nutrients listed for that weeks feeding, adjust the pH to 6.3-6.8 as suggested at top, then feed. Some weeks you use all three.

One of the issues with fox farms nutrients is a build up of salts that need to be flushed from time to time. Fox farms recommendation is in the light blue vertical columns. You can use plain water if you don’t want to buy their products.

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Thank you soooo much!!!