Curious about yield?

First grow here… Hydro growing two plants, one indica (Sweet Tooth) and one sativa (Green Crack) in a 3x3x6. I didn’t expect them to get so big because they’re autoflowers so next I’ll be moving to a 4x4 to do two plants and only one in 3x3 but for now these are almost done so I figured I’d let them ride.

I was wondering if you could just give me a rough estimate how much I’d yield? My Green crack is 5.5ft tall, spans 3ft wide from front to back and maybe 2.5ft the other way because it runs into the tent and other plant. My indica is maybe 3.5ft tall, 3ish wide.

I know yield depends on many factors but just from the LOOKS of things, what do you think?

This is a hydro DWC setup, haven’t had many problems at all other than a tiny bit of nute burn in the beginning and my girls running into the light.

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Not too much, looks as if You’re lacking in the light department. What size is it and how big is tent?

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I’m using 1200w LED, 3x3x6 tent.

Had to prune a lot before she started flowering because she was growing out of the tent :woman_facepalming:t2:

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I have an old 1200w blurple it reads around 200w at the wall, you need more light as @HornHead states it will stop a lot of stretch.

What should I up it to? I preferred LED because of the low cost but at this point I’ll use whatever I need. A second LED same watt? Light strips around?

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Actual power draw is probably around 220 give or take a few and penetration isn’t the best with LEDs. Next time top and lst her and get one more light that size and your harvest will be a lot bigger. The buds closest to light will develop nicely while others will be fluffy. You should pull a qp off it

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I didn’t top and LST as it was first grow and I wanted to get the process down first. Should I do a 1000 HPS? I can go to amazon and buy one to be here by the weekend is through.


Get Led Quantum boards for your next grow @dbrn32 will help you out regarding Led.

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You look like you have done a very nice job for your first grow. So far, lol.

You could pick up another blurple light and add it to your existing setup; you have time. That’s probably what I would consider doing at this point. MH/HPS will generate a lot of heat so that’s something to be careful of. As said a Quantum Board is the state of the art and may be something for you to look at for subsequent grows.

Your plants appear to be about 4 to 5 weeks in flower. You have quite some time to go yet and there will be considerable bulking up assuming correct nutrients and adequate light.


Okay, I’ll get another. Should I look into the LED strips and perhaps put those down around halfway point or near the bottom too? My plants are autos so they’re only 9 weeks old… they’ll start bulking fast which is why if I have a lack of light I want to get it fixed quick.

How much total wattage should I look into for my total space? I was thinking 450 to try to hit 50w/sqft


Your best bet would be to make your grow into a RDWC and scrog net them both for light and yield
Having them netted you can give them light all at the same level so you could get away with less light so could probably fill a 3x3 with your light

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I think your best bang for the buck is to add top lighting to your existing setup. 450 watts is the general rule though there are many exceptions. Putting strips down the walls won’t add much and remember too that plants only absorb light from the tops of the leaves.

Good point. There are numerous training techniques you can apply to your plants to both maintain height and maximize space/yields. These girls are a bit far along for that now but next time…

I run a SCROG for the reasons stated and my plants’ overall height from the roots will be only around 24" but I’ll yield 1/2 pound from each one. But I have an optimized setup with high end LED’s and have been doing it for a while (I’ve screwed up more than you have YET lol). The best thing is to ride this out and apply what you learned for subsequent grows.


Isn’t what I have an RDWC? I would like to SOG next grow for sure but idk if I can get away with two plants doing that?

I’m looking to upgrade my set up to a 4x4 possibly 5x5 so if anyone has recommendations on light… I don’t mind what kind of light at this point. I just don’t know where to get them, how to set me up etc

A reservoirs will make it to where you never take the top off that way you can net them

What you have is straight DWC. You need a stand alone reservoir for the “R” part (recirculating).

Here’s the thread you want for all things lighting. @dbrn is our troll chained in the basement lol.


Let @dbrn32 help you with the light, he will save you a lot of heartache.

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So 5 gallon buckets hooked to one res? I don’t even know how to do the “recirculating” part or how big should my res actually be. Can ya link a thread for that?

I’ll check out the light post.


Make 2ea 2x288 quantum boards lights for a 4x4, think it would work in a 5x5 too 480 watts