How does a guy no when your bud is all done curing.

Drying is the first part where you hang your buds or put them in a drying rack until the outside is dry.

Curing is the last part where you keep them in jars until they’re cured. This part is where the inside of the buds finish drying.

I know my bud is cured when it grinds up perfectly but isn’t too dry. (I keep 62% humidipacks in the jars because the RH around here is in the low 20’s all winter long.) From what I’ve read, as long as the buds are in <65% humidity, they’ll continue to cure until they’re finished.

For my personal use, I will use some before it’s cured. Say once a week or so, until I’m happy with it’s effects. (I have noticed a very large difference between freshly dried and 2 months later.)

Hope that helps.

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Thanks oldgoat, I already went through the drying stage now I’m in the curing stage so what you are saying is a guy should be sampling it until you like the effects I like that theory, another question why is it best to put the bud in glass jars or can you put it in a ice cream pail cause a fellow grower where I leave that’s what he does he puts it in a ice cream pail, so that is what I do is this ok or not.

It doesn’t really matter what food safe airtight container you use. However, some people say plastic containers impart a strange flavor to the cannabis as it cures. I use gallon plus size cleaned plastic formerly ice cream tubs as well, if I need that large of a container, but I mostly use the quart size mason jars.

Oh, and as for curing, it is true it is just a slower type of drying that gets all the bud, inside and out, evenly to the same amount of dryness(this also happens to help break down sugars and other things for a smoother smoke), and vaguely – it is ready when it is dry enough to burn in a joint without going out, but not too dry that it would crumble to powder and couldn’t be used in a joint. For vaporizing, for the most part, the dryer the better.

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Thanks MacGyver, I’m good then.

I start my curing process in a brown paper bag. Once I can snap a stem “crack” like a twig; I place buds in a “Glass” jar, and open for 10 minutes daily in order to allow fresh air in to alleviate mold issues. Peace

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I was laying them on a screen and rotating them 2 times a day tell the stems crack then I would put them in a icecream pail for curing then I would seal them in little bags for later dates. But I’m going to try your method one time and see how it works. Thanks.

I also use screens sometimes. I am actually going to buy an herb drying chamber similar to the one Robert has :slight_smile:

Best to find what works for you, but Glass is where we should store our buds to keep them fresh

I read somewhere that stems are best slightly bendy rather than sharp snappy before trimming and putting into jars for curing? Greenery feels nice and spongy and sense right amount of dryness. Also how long should curing take and does the potency stay the same after that period? Thanks for any help :pray: