Curing with Boveda packs

Just an FYI - a little epiphany I had while checking the humidity of some curing flowers. I put the hygrometer in the C-Vault container and sealed it up, checked it about an hour later and it was a perfect 62%!

Then I noticed I still had the packs in the lid (duh). Remove them before checking :slight_smile:

I removed the packs, sealed it back up and after an hour it read 68%.

The moral of the story is that (A) the packs work like a champ, and (B) if you want to accurately check the humidity of your flowers remove the pack.


So you need to let the boveda pack inside to have the perfect humidity, right?

Yes, they have a mild saline solution and they either add or remove moisture to maintain a specific RH. Once your flowers are dry and you are curing them, it helps prevent mold, drying too much, etc.

You can use them for storing stuff you are smoking too, not just for curing.

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I read something about curing and that is like this… You need to end you curing process and after that you can put boveda pack whit your stuff because this way you will have a good quality mj. Seems the boveda pack messing a little bit the weed.
Or something like that… I will search that article.

I ordered a 62% 8g 12 pack today off e-bay.

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I hope soon I will be able to go forward with my shopping cart. I put only 5 of boveda packs and many other items :laughing::underage:. Them are having unlimited life?

I have know idea. Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 can answer that.

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If you feel them, there is liquid in the pack. When the liquid is gone, they are done. Sealed up and not doing anything they should store a long time.

Edited to add: I’m new to growing, but I have used these for quite a while with great results. (No I don’t work for them) I got some flowers from my “guy” for a large discount because he had left it in his car in the heat and it dried out some. I put it in a jar with a Boveda pack, and in a week the stuff recovered. So for about $0.34 I saved a bundle.


When you advance beyond storing your stuff in a sandwich bag in your sock drawer, you learn stuff :slight_smile: Buy in bulk, store properly.


No @M4ur they do not last forever they will dry up I have reconditioned mine one or two times when the started to dry but you can only do that a few times
Also I only use them for long term storage myself
I don’t actually cure with them

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How you do that?

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You take a damp paper towel and place in. Jar with lid the place the bovidea pack (s) in until they moist agian
You will know it time to do this when the packs get hard spots in them it means they have dried out @M4ur


If you have the C-vault tins, or a way to keep them out of the water, (like a rack) you can just put water in the bottom of the jar. (with the lid on…)


In my experience a little recharge works great when you’re trying to bring the humidity level up. But once recharged it doesn’t do a lot to bring levels down.

Maybe something to keep in mind, or limited to my personal experience. But thought I’d share.


After further review, and from stoned to cogent thinking combined, I have this:

Boveda packs both add and remove moisture. My example of the hygro showing a perfect 62% with the packs, but 68% without just shows that the packs were doing EXACTLY what they were designed to do.



As far as “recharging”, the things are cheap. I haven’t had one “dry out” yet except for one that I had in their “travel” container which does not seal as well as the ones with the clips. More evidence of their efficacy.

That is true @dbrn32
You can’t leave it over night to recharge only a hour or two at most other wise it will become saturated with moisture and will not except any more :+1:
Good point bro thanks
I have had them dry up in my jars @Whodat66
And yes the do work as desisigned as long as bud is close to proper moisture level to start with and the reason you never had one dry out is because with out you pack in the humidity went up telling me the bud was wet
So yes you will not dry out packs that way👍
I put my bud in jars around 55-60 % and don’t actually need the packs I have them again fir long term storage only :+1:
If it work for you than rock and roll with it brother

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I agree they work great and a CVault is a nice touch

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They’ll start to get hard/stiff after they’re all used up. You’ll definitely know when it happens.

I just think that the mold prevention qualities outweigh any possible negatives,