Crud a Boy now what

I have no desire to do a pollen harvest the female is an auto flower will there be any future issues to look out for?
Thank You

Once you dispose of everything, I would spray down that entire tent with a peroxide/water solution or a bleach/water solution and wash the shit out of it!

It looks like it pollinated already, that’s a pretty mature male. Those callyxes are really fat on the top of that female. I’d pinch one off at the stalk and see if there is a seed. If so, it was pollinated a while ago and is going to have a lot more at harvest most likely.


@Borderryan22 is spot on. Collect the seeds and have more auto flowers for future grows, about all that can be done now.

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Yep, he already dumped his load. The damage is done. If there are females in the vicinity they will very likely produce some seeds


Crap! Thank you for the information. I was so focused on the main grow that I let the second slide
Well thankfully the two males were in a separate grow tent that is smaller than the main tent. I moved them to the main tent after the harvest so I could close it for the extra room. also thank you for the cleaning info.