Crossed Marijuana leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

would you explain why cannabis leaves sometime cross there fingers

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My guess is they’re hoping you wont’ smoke them…

(Sorry, I just couldn’t resist since I don’t have a knowledgeable answer.)

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Yeah, sorry I haven’t heard of this being a big thing at all, sorry, no idea.

Possibly severe nutrient issues, or even better, PH way off. The nutrient issue would be noticable and you would ask a different question.

I have seen leaves twist and curl when PH is way off. Perhaps you could even see a couple leaves cross. Perhaps. :slight_smile:

I’ve got two plants this has happened to. A few responses, T. m. v. Tobacco mosaic virus . My two plants started with leaves crossing there fingers, then very ugly dark green with little roundish gray spot .one response was there’s not much I could do cut my losses and trim off all bad growth. Leaves turned in like a bent canoe and got a green gray mosaic color pattern.Another response was to just get rid of infected plants the virus spreads fast. Also well affect bud development and affect new growth. I really can’t find much on the virus as far as information about it. Good luck with your garden, hopefully its not that serious for you. I’ll post any info, I can find

Perhaps you could include a pic of the problem? :wink:

Also; if the plants otherwise look healthy then perhaps it is not a concern but if they do begin to look unhealthy and pest free then you might try a flush and rebalance your grow medium for the particular stage (veg or bud) they are in. Again, some pics would be great to see if possible. :wink:

if its just crossing fingers and looks to be healthy… your roots might be going bound. plants constricting itself. remember your plant is like an iceberg. if you can get it out of its container see if they are incircling the bottom. if so. no wierdness kinda lightly finger the bottom like you do your girl, with CLEAN HANDS. get the roots to spread out and face down and re pot. she should start growing more and spreading back out.

and if you dont have a smart pot or anything like that. i start clones once rooted in a dixie cup. then i use a half of a plastic milk carton. then once its out of that i used clean 5 gallon buckets. dont over pot your plants. not unless you like watering once a week and mold

Would you say this is genetics or would this classify under crossed fingers its growth was somewhat slower then the other clones in it’s batch