Critical Mass Auto Color

I’m taking a closer look at a Critical Mass Auto that is 10 weeks old since it’s getting close to harvest. Grown without problem in tent using FoxFarn Nuits. Looking at the pics should this plant have purple in it. I see other plants that are to some degree purple but not Critical Mass (from ILGM). Some trichomes look badly developed but most look OK.

Just wanted to see what you all thought. 11-5-2021 (12)b


What is your temperature like? I think colors change the most when there is a high fluctuation in temp.

Looks like good bud to me! :+1:

Not exactly the same but a critical kush ( critical mass x Og kush ) I just harvested was purple like that

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Yaa I read where low temp could cause plant to turn various shades of purple and I’m OK with it if the weed turns out the way I hope.
The temp has been consistent at 68 to 72 F with 58 to 60 % humidity.

It’s just that from what I read on Critical Mass Auto it is not any shade of purple at any time during growth. I just want to make sure I’m growing what I think I’m growing.

I’m new to growing and am still learning and this whole growing thing is really cool. That I can grow good weed and halfway know what I’m doing is fantastic.

Starless, your weed looks real close to what I have and least on I couldn’t find any purple for the stuff we’re growing.

So, I guess I’m not going to worry about it and wait to try it and see if it helps my arthritis and the crappy attitude that goes along with it.

Thanks, Buzz

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That looks nice and frosty and nice colour

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Should I be concerned?

Just wanted to see what you all thought. 11-5-2021 (12)b