Couple of questions regarding organic grows

Is it ok to use water from the dehumidifier to water? It seems like it would be fairly clean but I’m not sure.

Also, is lemon juice or vinegar best for PH down? And is baking soda ok for PH up? Or is something else better?

Finally, during flower in supersoil, is worm compost in water enough for flower? Or should additional nutrients or amendments be added to the water or topdress with supersoil?


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I know nectar for the gods has organic ph ups and downs but they’re rather pricey I tend to just use hydroponic ph down since it’s a safe acid anyways(when diluted) but those 2 are fine to use. Dehumidifier water is essentially distilled water so yes you can use it but it’s ph will not effect soil ph( and you don’t get the added micros of tap water). Earthworm casting won’t give you the phosphorous you need during flower I recommend picking up done down to earth 484 and I always add molasses and a pinch of Epsom salt to every gallon of water to keep the microbe density high.

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I use baking soda all the time for pH up. So much so that I need a new tub, my current one is just about empty.

That’s a tough question. Dehumidifier condensate could be really pure, similar to distilled water, except closer to atmospheric equilibrium in terms of gaseous content. The problem with extremely low electrical conductivity water, like distilled, is that it’s prone to pH volatility.

I’ve been pondering this myself, since I have a condensate drain that I’ll like to divert into tanks for garden use.

TL&DR: You can try, but if you notice the condensate water won’t hold a pH, try adjusting the pH of your tap water. If you can perform the same procedures on tap water and it works better, just use tap.