Couple of greenhouse questions

A couple of questions from a fellow grower:

Thanks for your suggestion on white flies, we are trying the oil solution and hope it works. They are fast working suckers.

Could we ask you a couple of questions?

  • We are greenhouse growing (Southern CA), should we be leaving the screen open so natural predators can gain access to the plants/etc? We have been keeping it closed.
  • Are ladybugs beneficial to the plants?
  • We are also 1Ž2 miles to the beach – can we put natural sand in the soil or are there too many minerals in it? ( I think one of your suggestions was sand on the soil….I have read so many!
  • We are going to get zinnias/etc.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. We are primarily growing for purposes of creating oils (olive, coconut), balms, vegan recipes and ‘not so sugary’ treats.

Whether or not to open the vent screens in the greenhouse is a judgement call.

Ladybugs eat pests bug, like thrips, etc. Also, Praying Mantis are predators. Keep in mind that if there are not enough pests to eat the ladybugs, and praying Mantis will find another home.

I am not sure who you are quoting. I run a commercial greenhouse, and sand maybe a good idea, but I would need to know a lot more about what you are doing to advise you further. :slight_smile: