Could this be light burn or nutrient deficiency? Want to nip it in the bud before it gets worse

Hi all! This is my first plant, growing hydro. She seemed to be doing well until I looked in on her today and I noticed her leaves are a little pale and there are some patches on them. The light is about 26 inches above the top of the plant.

I’ve included a pic of the nutrients we are using at 2ml/L plus Regen-a-Root at 1ml/L as well as the specs from my light.


-Green Crack Photo grown from seed
-Between 3 and 4 weeks
-Method: Hydroponics DWC with airstone
-Vessels: 5 Gallon bucket
-PH: 5.8
-PPM 800
-Method used to measure PH: strips and PPM meter
-Indoor: 4x8 tent
-MarsHydro 1000w
-Current Light Schedule: 18 on 6 off
-Temps; 82.6
-Humidity; 30%
-Ventilation system; Yes, don’t know size offhand
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: none
-Co2; No
-Distance of liquid below net pot (DWC): approx 1.5 inches
-Temperature of reservoir: unknown
-TDS of nutrient solution: unknown
-Amount of air to solution: unknown

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looks like thirps to me

So, I went to look for thrips and she is looking way worse than she was a few hours ago! Her leaves are starting to curl too now


Welcome to the community Growmie, looks like some water spots that burned from the lighting.
Do you have a PH and TDS pen? I saw PH test strip’s mentioned?? 2 critical pieces of equipment to have for a successful grow. Res temps and PH are a daily check and adjustment, res temps above 70 degrees can lead to root rot, are you using a root inoculant? How big of an air stone do you have and can you post some root pics :love_you_gesture:

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I have a TDS pen but am just using PH test strip right now. The water temp reads at 75 degrees. The bucket is stitting on a foam mat right now so I might be able to lower the temp by removing that and having the bucket rest on the concrete floor.

Thanks! Here are some pics.


What is the water EC before nutrients are added?

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Frozen bottle will help also if you need it

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Light height and intensity?

18-24” dialed to lowest setting possible?

Possible to increase humidity to say 60-70%?

If the plants transpire they will only be left with salts in the leaves, raising humidity will allow for proper transpiration.

Roots look nice and healthy, the concrete floor will help some with the temps. I would start adding something like Hydroguard or Southern Ag. Pythium /root rot chances increase with temps above 70. Good suggestions from the other community members :love_you_gesture:

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EC of the water before is 0.4

It is currently 1.6

I’m a little embarassed to say that I didnt know the light intensity was adjustable. I will look at it when i get home. I assume it is at 100% right now. I did lift the light 8 inches so it is now 34 inches from the top of the plant.

I also removed the mat and put a little humidifier in the tent.

If the temp doesn’t go below 70 degrees tomorrow, i will try the frozen water bottle.

And I will try to get my hands on some Hydroguard or Southern Ag ASAP.

Thanks for all of the help, it is so very appreciated!

My poor girl this morning:

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Well, I feel like a bonehead!

I went home at lunch and figured out how to adjust the light. Didn’t realize I had to remove a little rubber stopper and there was a screw way under there. I did get the light second hand with no instructions. I should have looked it up earlier though.

I set it to 50% intensity at 22 inches above the plant. Is that still too much? Should I lower the intensity to give her time to recover?

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I don’t think that is light damage, 26 inches with a 150W led isn’t going to damage a plant.

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So probably nutrient burn then? The feed schedule we got with our nutes says 2-3ml/L and we went with 2. On our next feed we’ll try 1 ml/L.

She is still not looking very good. Some of her upper leaves are showing that same problem. Should I cut the lower bad leaves off?

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Hey I am the exactly the same problem that you’re currently having. I’m lost need help asap I would hate to have to kill my grow

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Here are some images of my little lady . She is only 3 weeks. I’m little frustrated

Hey, sorry I didn’t reply when you needed it. My problem was 100% ph levels. I followed the advice here and got a decent PH meter and it fixed all of my problems.

I just wanted to thank you all for your help. You saved my plant. It was 100% a PH problem. I followed the advice here and got a decent PH meter and that’s all it took. We let her go for way too long to recover and actually just flipped her into flower. She is huge!

We learned a lot with this first grow and feel confident that we can improve a bit on the next one. We still have a lot to learn but are looking forward to each grow.