Could these be close to a half pound each?

Hello all, im growing 2 indica hybrid plants that are 7 weeks into veg and im using a 600 watt mh light and there in 5 gallon smart pots. Lst and topped. Do u think i can get close to a pound?


Hard to guess from the picture… but it’s very possible. Using how HPS for flower?

Yes i have a 600w mh/hps air cooled hood but im grabbing a 1000w ballest an 1000w hps bulb to put in when i switch to flower. My 2 girls are about 2x3 foot wide cause of all the branches i tied down an prolly a little over a foot tall. 14-16 inches. If i didnt top an bend down the mains, they would prolly be over 2ft tall

Im gonna switch them to flower in a couple days when i get my 1000 watter in the mail. Fingers crossed!

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Lol, better? @McLovin777


There is absolutely no way to be able to guess here.

You could grow an 8’ tall plant and only yield a quarter pound. You could grow a 3’ plant that yields a pound. It all depends on the environment, how long she vegged for, and the lighting.

Poor conditions will make big buds loose an airy. Meaning your 4 ounce plant could possibly have doubled her weight if the buds were dense. Or vice versa.



Thank you @ktreez420 i def gonna try to reach that goal. Quick question, is 36% humidity really bad during veg? Shes 7 weeks into veg

It’s not good, but it’s not really a “bad” thing! In veg you would like it to be around 70%, but it’s ok, do you have a spray bottle @Banksmoney6485?


Yes sir i do

How long did she veg for dude?

Today starts week 8 in veg. It could be 9 because i started counted the weeks when they had 2-3 nodes on them. Im really anxious to see what she yields bro

Mist them daily for added humidity.


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Mine will be… drum roll… 11 weeks in 2 days, give or take. I did mess up a huge amount, have crap lights that I wish I never brought, a RDWC that I’m still phing daily each bucket, and mildew thanks to the lack of a huge dehumidifier. Ahh and also almost killed the seeds initially lol
Is this your first grow?
I really can’t wait to do a 5 x 8 tent with 8 soil plants… maybe 4 big ones. I wanted to skrog and so many things that have been made impossible, ah well, it’s been a good learning experience!
I’m unbelievably anxious to see what they yield but I’m also scared as hell something will go terribly wrong during flower like bud rot


also is hat 8 or 9 weeks from seed as some don’t count the first 4 weeks as veg I believe

No sir, thats 8 weeks from her 3rd set of leaves. If i count from seed they’ll be 10 or 11 weeks. An i hear you bro about having problums. This is my 3rd grow. First was out door plants. I had 3 7ft tall plants bro. They were beautiful. Till one day i walked to go check up on them an 1 was knocked over an died. An the other 2 looked like they got eatin. So im geussing some deer must have found them, ate the 2 plants, got high as hell from eating them an knocked my 3rd one over an trampled on it cause they were to messed up to walk. Lmao. I was so disappointed bro. My second grow was in a closet an i grew 2 plants with cfl bulbs. Chopped them way to early. My yield sucked. Heat stress, nute burn, the whole 9. I got almost a once from them. So now im trying to get the humidity up. Oh i also bought another 600watt hps today along with a home made co2 maker. So friday or monday when my light arrives, im gonna switch them to 12/12. That will be 1200 watts of power so im really praying i get close to a pound. An when those 2 are done i have another 8 or 9 week old girl that ill put into flower. Shes a little smaller then my other 2 but i think ill get a couple ounces


Damnnnnn dude! Painful stuff… can’t imagine how deeply that would hit me in the nuts, it’d be close to a pet dying, well 1/4 I guess.
This is my first grow and shit man… so much hassle all I want to do is get the bud and relocate, one plant now seems to have FUUUuuDgong root rot… yet another expense as 3 products I’m using won’t work. Also 2 just look rough as hell, let it all work out in the end please stoned jebus

Awesome set up btw, I initially brought 2 600w and a 360w led but the heat was absolutely ridiculous. Can’t wait to do a room up in a nice secluded house!

Root rot…god man…i started this grow in dwc but the algae was ridiculous because of the heat an then the root rot. Thank god i caught it earley enough an i moved them to soil. My problum was the heat an i didnt have enough oxygen in the water. Did you put any peroxide in the water? I heard that helps the roots an like a tbs of clorine to keep the algae an crap away. Maybe you dont have enough oxygen in your buckets? Maybe try to take 1 or 2 buckets away. So theres more oxygen in the water.
Dont get discouraged brother. Try to get your stuff dialed in an if your still haveing problums maybe just switch to soil. My girls had some root rot but once i transplanted to soil they took off bro.
I bought a 600 instead of 1000w because of the heat. I gotta get another ac in my room. The one i have now just keeps over heating an shutting off. I cleaned it an everything. Idk. Hopefully this co2 thing helps with my heat an my girls dont stress. An since yesterday, when u put the co2 maker thing in, my girls responded almost immediately. There top shoots are a darker green instead of the light green you see in the pics. Ill snap a pic an post. Do u have co2 in your room?

An thank you for the compliment brotha. Im trying my best for my 2 girls. Hopefully both our girls are good to us. Lol

This is my 1 outdoor lady. Well hopefully shes a lady. Lol