Could I move my set up without harm?

I’ve been having a problem with high heat/humidity in the current room it’s in. I have another room we are working on clearing out which is also in the basement on a concrete floor and probally 10-15F cooler in there without a/c. How long can the plants be “out of water” without harm? Was thinking if it wouldn’t hurt when I do my next water change moving the buckets into a 4x8 tent in the next room. Just wanted to check before doing this

Depends on your part size if the fabric pots three days to a week

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Oops. Sorry forgot to add my list of items I’m running a RDWC system I’d be looking at draining water moving 15 feet setup and refill about 20-30 mins
4x4x6.5’ tent

RDWC system 4 five gallon grow bkts

5 gallon reservoir

1/10 hp water chiller




950 gph air pump

2”x4” air stone in each bucket

12” oscillating fan

1200w king plus led 24” from canopy

6” 400 cfm exhaust fan and filter

Ph level


Hmm. Mine go 12 hours every day without water. I use an ebb and flow system and there is no flowing during lights out.

In DWC I normally did complete reservoir changes every three weeks, and during those changes I intentionally took my time and let the roots receive fresh air for a half hour or so. The roots will suck in a lot of oxygen when they aren’t submerged in water. A little fresh air is good for them.

Recently I’ve been reading about the possibility of affecting the plant by changing the moisture level in the root zone. I need to do more research, but early indications are that we - as hydro growers - can have some control over our flowers by adjusting water levels and flood times.


Interesting. But glad to know about being able to take my time I’ve been hurrying to get water back in when I’ve done changes that will help me greatly!

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Thanks @Bogleg

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You should be good as long as it isnt to long.

Get with me on the other side some time and let’s expand on this? As I am running my first run I’m interested.

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Will do - it is something I will be researching in earnest as my current crop starts producing flowers.

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as a back up, get a bucket of 6.0’ish pH’d water,
if the set up takes longer then expected dunk em in the bucket,
every 20-30 minutes wet the roots.!
keep em in a place that they do not dry too quick, like by a fan or under lights.!!

most strains r pretty tough, don’t hesitate, make the move.!
keep in mind, the more stress, the more recovery time.

great thanks!

looks like my work is rained out for the next few fays,
if u pay for the plane ticket i’ll come help u move this weekend.!!

let us know how it goes and post some pics of the new set up.!

@slowoldguy I will put pics up this is going to give me the time to get rid of the cheap rubber hose they gave me with the system that kinks and put something alittle stiffer In

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