Could have cost me my crop

Okay thats over dramatic, but it was causing me a deficiency that could have turned into a problem. So the item I’m having an issue with is this chart which I used to have up on my wall to remind me what ph to go by and why. Now perhaps theres some kind of an inverse relationship between soil and hydro that I’ve never heard of, but you take a look and see if you can spot the looney.

Do you see what caused my problem? This is why I come to a place like this where there are people who are interested in helping others. not ■■■■ versa. You never know what kind of crap info is out there.


What do you see as the issue? The difference in ranges? Soil and hydro do have different pH requirements if that is what you mean. The ranges shown are proper.


Here they are shown in a different form:

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I’ll add yet another form!

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I just run everything at 6.0 and all is good.


on 2 of those charts Ca is on the bottom range, but if you run at 5.8 which they suggest you lock out calcium not promote it.

thats what I did. I set my PH dead on 5.8 and a week later i had cal/mag deficiency even after adding cal mag lol. it was driving me nuts.

I started off running strictly at 6.0 and then I ran across this chart and switched.
I am now running at 6.0 and my leaf color is brightening up.

yeah this one is correct. both of them

midwest guy and mine have Ca at the bottom range which is wrong. cap_ron has Ca at the top of the range which is correct

I’m talking the hydroponic chart.

I’m gonna swipe that one for my wall if I may cap_ron.

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