Coon problem messing with my plamts

I have some plants growing outside in pots a coon has been messing with them they’re just little babies right now. Actually they’re clones. I decided to fertilize them with Organic Stonington blend with lobster kelp and worm castings. On my other plants I have Fox Farm but I wanted to try this cuz it was organic,problem is a coon keeps messing with them I have been trying to trap him, is there anything to keep him out that I can put next to the plants

Trapping a raccoon is usually quite easy. You are putting food in the trap, right?
Here is an article about raccoons from my go-to place for pest control:

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He went in the last night. but he got out I guess the thing was it set good. Have to set it again tonight it’s a live trap.

Thankyou for the info.,I checked it out
We’ll be catching him tonight I’m sure. I hope because I really want to use the sand edge fertilizer.


A jacketed hollow point will usually solve problems like that if you’re unsuccessful at trapping him. They are varmints here.


Caught the Coon he’s gone