Out of control 2021

Well, here we are again.

I’ll start with my outdoor. I stated over 25 seeds in December and ended up with 12 keeper females. Planted them outside and was waking up to find holes dug in my boxes and plants tossed around.

At first I thought it was possums, then rats. I set up a ring camera and caught nothing.

Finally caught the anarchist in the act, he/she was hardly scared of me.

Here is the bandit:


Here is the carnage:


He is digging fur Japanese beetle larvae, they can get to the size of jumbo shrimp!

Here is my fix for now:


So sorry it took out your plants brother. :man_facepalming::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
They can be destructive when they want.

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Did you use anything like fish fertilizer, under composted compost? And sometimes their just dam nosey.

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Electrify those racks and make sure the camera catches the carnage, lol


I’ve git 2 pheno hunts going on indoors.

One is Blueberry IX.

I’ve only had a true Blueberry once. In 93’ my friend and dealer got a QP of some and it was insane. Golf ball nuggets with purple sugar leaves and calyxes. It’s main terpene component was skunk wrapped in a blueberry blanket.

The exhale was all blueberry.

He sold to a guy that worked at a medical supply and he would steal cases of these large test tubes with ground glass stoppers that held a quarter perfectly, so that’s how the blueberry was packaged. I know the packaging and the phase I was at in my life influences my nostalgia, but I have to try.

Blueberry IX by riot seeds. He used an old pack of DJBB F5, but supposedly from his old male(which was lost), most say those were the beans to have. He found a female and crossed by his Blue Bonnet male. I’ve got 8 up and another pack that I have 8 from in seedling form.

I got 4 females. I topped the males for clones and once they root I’ll kick them outside to flower and collect some pollen.

Here are the females transplanted to final home. Waiting to take 2 clones per before flipping:


I searched online and heard horror stories about raccoons! Thanks for the condolences @Oldguy, c’est la vie !

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@pillsbury No fish fertilizer, just compost. It was a repeat offense no less than 10 times, my boxes are filled with the beetle grubs, I’m sure he is eating them.

Too funny @BobbyDigital. I have a fat AGM battery at my shop I’m thinking about attaching some jumper cables to!

But really, I’m hoping to not hurt it, I just want it to cut me some slack!!!


I had an issue with bunnies in my garden.


HAHAHAHA that’s the funniest damn thing I read all day.
The image in my head keep me cracking up and I haven’t smoked a single milligram yet.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That would be hilarious.

(P.S. to animal lovers, they bump into electric fences all the time and are fine. No racoon would be harmed in this taking place. Only shocked.)


I realize he’s destructive but he’s also pretty cute!


So, I also have a 32 plant pheno hunt going.

It’s East Coast Sour Diesel x Corpse Flower.

The ECSD is an original cutting from the 90’s and honestly the best weed I’ve ever grown. Grapefruit/mandarin terps, lots of frost, and barely any trimming.

Corpse flower is 99’s super skunk x uncle festers skunk 28, an old hells angels strain.

I killed 3 before sexing and just today ide tidied 5 females and 10 males.

Makes got topped for a clone and thrown outside.

Here are some, the rest in another tent.


Key word being had… too much for me, although I’ve always wanted a Daniel Boone cap!


And not scared at all. If I didn’t point my light at him he would start to approach me. He also takes our outside sandals and moves them around the backyard


I would not mind a little shock treatment. I set up a critter thing that senses motion and activates a sprinkler. I’m hoping to discourage him/her/it/they. Not sure if raccoons are on the non-binary tip yet


You caught it during gender transition. So your guess is better than mine.
Seems this ‘woke’ crap is spreading like a brain virus. I swear it’s social media making
everyone nuts. No wonder the CEO’s of these companies don’t let their kids on their own sites.

I think raccoons are cool. We had one when I was a kid that my mom found abandoned as a small baby. They become ballsy.

A little shock from an electric fence type set up might do the trick.


Didn’t Davie Crocket have one too?
He must of had a racoon invade his camp one too many times.

wait wait, I might be thinking about Jim Bowe.