Cool Tube MH & HP

Im sure this is a stupid question But i use MH & HPS for lighting with a cool tube. No heat is felt from light. So can i hang my lights lower than whats recommended?


i drop a min/max temp gauge under mine
as long as the temps are in range put them as close as you can
i would keep an eye out,then let it go on cruise control again.


I concur, you should be able to run lower than without being cooled.

The only thing you really need to be considerate of is that your par levels will come up and light footprint will get smaller. You don’t want it so low that you overload one section of the plant with what’s essentially more light than it needs, while shading outer edges.


I run 8 inch xxxl cooled hoods as well and can put lights on plants basically… without any problems… but my light height is based off of foot print and canopy… I also have walls that float on the sides of my tables to direct light straight to my girls… I think that’s why my yields are so ridiculous only using 600 watt hps… I have 1000 watters but don’t see the need … maybe next winter I’ll see what I can do with those… :wink:



Im sorry im not sure what you mean floating walls. Can you explain?

Lol… ya … there just sheets of 1 inch foam boards that come 4’ by 8’ … I just cut to size and hang from the ceiling with some string… I’ll try to get some pics tonight… :wink:


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Wasnt thinking about footprint. So happy to have yall to help figure this out! :wink:


Here’s a pic of my floating walls… :wink:



You might want to limit them to about 85000 lux at the buds. That’s supposed to be all the light they can use.