Convert DWC to Ebb & Flow

I have DWC setup of 8 bubble bucket. I have as many as five going at one time, with some in grow and some in flower state. It is a lot to keep up, with changing and cleaning weekly. I am looking at converting then into a ebb & flow system and have some questions.

How long can a E & F setup go before water change out?
Should the water level reach the basket?
How much water should be left in bucket? just cover some of the roots and keep air stones running?

Some things don’t change res changes being one it would likely be more efficient to go to RDWC and less plumbing running single large res with a drain and shut off valve to plants and pump on return line :wink: this would allow you to shut off water going to buckets divert whole system to drain via pump and fill single res and mix adjust and ph in same spot circulating nutrient solution through all pots and emptying and filling all at same time since you would still need a large res for ebb&flow in order to fill all pots at once then drain effectively


@Donaldj, Would you have some pic’s of the RDWC setup, or where I could find info on the setup?

I think this may explain some?

Hey Rich, I have AS Too. I signed up to ILM just to contact you. Google grasscity and sickomindo. I have a grow journal (under Skeletor’s Grow Journal) there but please contact me.

@GrowBird , . Also I would like to take a look at your Journal. What is the link.

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