Continuous feeding vs intermittent

I have been running a continuous feeding on my grows. I have been working to find the right concentration of nutrients that I can feed at every water.

I think I have been overdoing it. Lol

What would be your thoughts on the ideal minimum concentration if feeding at every water when growing in something like promix in a 3 or 5 gallon grow bag in a 2x2x4 tent under a hlg135.

My initial thoughts are to use concentrations like in hydro, but soil hangs onto salts and the nutrients can build up quick.



Personally I don’t think it’s possible to have one nutrient load for the whole grow. Once firmly in veg you can feed on a standard TDS til flower but the plant demands change so much that I don’t see how you could maximize the potential.

I like Promix over coco as it retains a bit less moisture; more airy. It of course doesn’t sequester calcium and magnesium so you can get away with a more concentrated feeding schedule with less water only days. That said: @Not2SureYet reports his best growth are on water only days.

I do use concentrations you’d find in a hydro grow schedule. And I think MOST of us over feed haha.


I see you are in pro mix. A plus here for me lol Have you started your plants yet? Will it be a photo or auto? I am doing a photo right now that will be 3 weeks old on wednesday. It will be under a 135 light too. If you would like. I can tag you into my grow. And you can see how I feed if you like. For a rough idea on how to get started. I feed on the lighter side compared to most. I may not grow the biggest plants. But they are respectable I think. I have been slowly changing how I feed. My photos are getting a little more food now that I am learning them. Altho I start with a set feeding. normally 1/4 tsp of nutes per gallon. I adjust them through the grow as I see them wanting more. I can post a page from my notes that will give you a solid idea of what I track. I go by that for feeding. I start with about 350ppm and am up to about 600 give or take by the time they are about 4 weeks old.
Hopefully this is not to confusing lol