Congratulations Marijuana

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Lmao no shock there


Actually, I was very surprised!

I figured the uneducated masses would turn out to be a part of electing the first woman president. Just like jumping on the first black president bandwagon.

I thank God that the silent majority showed up! Just have to find out what the lesser of two evils is. He sure is appointing some of the establishment he spoke against.

A wall to keep you out also keeps me in…


Tom Price (R) of Ga. Has been picked by Trump to be the new HHS Secretary. The man hates pot in every form!! I am very worried for 2017. Mike

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But he’s perfectly fine with Scotch and Whiskey


Most hypocrites don’t have a problem with what they do. Just what ** you** do.

This legalization is kinda becoming an unstoppable force. Politicians are definitely not immovable objects.

Don’t let it get you down @mcicchino.


You are so right about hypocrisy @FloridaSon
And also about the legalization movement it’s getting to the point they won’t be able to hold back the flood gates much longer !


Well I hope you guy’s are right.later, Mike


Sorry guys if my state didn’t have so many snowbirds who vote in my state we would have had a clean sweep of marijuana ballot votes. Mark my words we will get it passed here it lost 48% to 52% . It took us three tries to get MMJ passed . Seems the biggest concern is people driving to stoned and no way to tell . You know like .08 in most states is a D.U.I:. they have no standard for D.W.S. :cactus:


I am late to this discussion, so as I do not speak about myself very much, I will point out a few factors, President Trump is a business man, that actually works out well in the long run. The laws on MJ, and pardon the pun, stem from the lumber industry and is a hold over from prohibition. The process to petition and fight for certain rights, can and have to be abided by through petition. If more like minds would work together and really work through the system, we can and will have it legalized. I have smoked since I was 14, on and off. I have a clean record and a great work ethic. The stigmata of how we are viewed and treated, are what is holding a lot of us back. I see changes coming, yet, with further participation, we can make a difference. The basic facts and ideals that would benefit us in legalization, such as regulations and laws, licensing and fair trade.Just some thoughts that roll around in my head.