Confusion about Fox Farm Trio

Can someone please tell me how to use Fox Farm Trio and Cal Mag to water my plants from seedlings to Harvest? I am using the Hydroponics formula and going with Coco Coir and Perlite mixture.

You should be able to do a quick Google search and get their feeding chart. Don’t start off at full strength… it burns plants up. Maybe 1/4-1/2

Fox farms feeding schedule would give you most the information you need on using the trio. Start using the cal-mag once they start flowering.

Since you are growing in coco you need to feed every watering and should water more frequently then when using soil. Pay attention to the vertical light blue bars and flush the plants regularly.

Since you aren’t using the powders in the purple part of the chart you shouldn’t have any problem using the trio at full strength during flower.

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Thank you! I am so sorry. I thought I had started a thread about my confusion but could not find it. @Underthestairs

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@CMichGrower I am wondering if I go by the schedule and put the nutes into a gallon of water, how much do I give the seedlings to start with? Also are the Measurements of the mixture before I put in in the holding pot or is it measured after runoff!

I can’t find out how much water with nutrients should be given to :seedling: at each stage of growth! Can someone help me? Thank you in advance for your help!

Take a container of water, 1 gallon in this example, and add the nutrients per the schedule. Seedlings get just Big Bloom which is a micronutrient and not very strong so it is hard to overfeed your plant with it.

Mix 6 teaspoon (2 tablespoon or 30ml depending on how you want to measure it) into the gallon of water. After mixing the solution (in later weeks you will be mixing all three together) you’ll need to check the pH of the final mixture. Nutrients tend to be acidic and you need to correct the pH before feeding. In coco, the pH should be around 5.6-6.2 (6.3-6.8 for soil).

When watering coco you need to water until you get a slight runoff to keep the salts from building up. You can’t overwater using coco. There is a growing style call “high frequency fertigation” that calls for watering coco several times a day, each time until there is a little runoff.

Growing in coco is completely different then growing in soil. If you are serious about it you need to spend time at . You can learn about high frequency Fertigation there.

Hydroponic feeding schedules are used when using coco (coco/perlite).
Go to foxfarm DOT com/feeding schedules. Scroll down page until you get to Hydroponic. Download Hydroponic Feeding Schedule as updated 8/30/2019.
Fox farm’s schedules express ppm in 700 scale. If pen can measure using this scale, ok to use the ppm as printed. Otherwise, use EC or convert EC to 500 scale. The EC & PPM given includes all products listed. If you are only using the trio, EC and PPM may be less


If your using a fox farm soil or other enriched soil you do not need to feed for 4 to 6 weeks

Just went to your other thread see your growing in Coco so never mind about the soil :grinning:

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Whenever you add calmag, it has to be added BEFORE your other nutrients.

I agree with beardless, use soilless recipe. You should really spend some time reading up on what growing in coco is like. There are a few very specific things you need to do in order to be successful.

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Thanks to everyone for all the helpful information!!! I am so excited to get started!

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Thanks! The website has a huge amount of information! Never knew that I know so little lol!

Sure hope that going with Coco and Perlite is the way to go!

Do I flush like it says in the guide for Hydroponics in Fox Farm feeding schedule or do I skip that part. I have heard flushing is bad unless it is necessary.

I want to thank you so much for your advice!!! It has been more than helpful! I have been studying the and it has helped me tremendously!!!

I’ve emailed
Them direct on several occasions and they will reply with their guidance. And it’s free :+1::v:

hi I just started my grow and needed some help and tips if you could help I have 3 chocolope ferminize seeds which sprouted they are about a week old since they sprouted I using a fox farm ocean forest soil and regular distilled bottle water I have not given any nutrients yet I brought the fox farm trio pack when should I start giving it too them and what will be the recommended amount I have the feeding chart and how much light should I give them I have the spider farmer grow tent kit