Concentrate questions

I am looking for a detailed guide (or guidance) on vape juice/concentrates if someone can point the way. I read the guide on making your own vape juice but my questions I cannot find an answer to. I am going from smoking to vaping now, just ordered a vaporizer that can do dry and waxy but also want to add in concentrates. Medical is just coming to my state and the dispensaries are not up and running yet so I do not have a place to go ask.

If I buy a cartridge from a dispensary - can I use that for micro-dosing? How many “hits” does a cartridge contain and can I use it off and on as needed or once I “open” a cartridge do I have to finish it right away? I don’t think so but want to be sure. I am looking for a strain for pain/sleep, something that would knock me out to dreamland at night so would plan on dosing right before bed.

What is a “battery” for the cartridges? Where would I get one and what am I looking for? Are these disposable or more like buying a good pipe? Can vape juice be used in a waxy vape container?

If I make my own juice can I leave out the glycerin and just use alcohol? I really do not want to inhale glycerin, personally I don’t like it due to possible lipid pneumonia from the inhalation. Or would I be better off making my own juice with veg glycerin/alcohol and just doing drops under the tongue?

Any help, or point me to a video, would be appreciated. Thanks!

I purchased one of these from my dispensary. It uses distillate. I just purchase a syringe with distillate from the dispensary and refill it. You do not have to use it all at once. You just toke till it’s empty. The battery is built in you charge it via USB. Some have removable batteries.

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The vape you ordered only does dried flower and shatter / wax. Vape juice is a whole other thing. I can buy vape juice from my dispensary that I put in a regular e-cig vape as well.

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@Midwestnewbie is the guy to ask.

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When I get home I’ll try to help out. Although the answers @HJL provided are right on point.

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I use a 510 thread battery like pictured up above in mine and hjg replies. You really can’t micro dose a vape pen because of the different variances like how long button pressed, how charged is battery, how long you draw, and potency in the material that’s being used. Again how long they last has many variables same as those mentioned above. I use mine daily 6-8 times daily and my .500 mil cart last about 2-2 1/2 weeks. At which time I also charge my battery.

Batteries: all are not created equal you can purchase a 510 thread battery for 3-6$ on the bay of e. But will not last as long charge wise and longevity. That being said I only paid $30 for the one I use and it’s lasted a year (but I did purchase 2 and swap occasionally since they’re not $200 like the bigger vape machines).
There are a few disposable brands that offer 100 puffs and it’s timed but again other variables. They also make a inhaler is probably the most accurate way to be able to keep track as they only dispense 10 mg per time plunged.
As far as making your own and not using glycol from what I’ve read it’s worse vaping alcohol than the pg/vg from
Just what I understand. I use a mix for my homemade of veg glycol 70%-30% propylene glycol and to be totally hones I still haven’t refined it enough for my liking to vape it exclusively.
I have visited some friendly states and bought a few syringes that have lasted a while (I stocked upfind deals on leafly or weedmaps awesome tools in friendly states to keep some of your money by finding deals being offere) and I also use a gram of wax or shatter and use a product called wax liquidfier I melt the product in shot glass with the liquidfier and it will and does the trick better than the homemade. As I can pick and choose different terpenes and flavors to mix with it to my suiting.

Hope this helps if you have any questions or if I rambled let me know as I’m pretty medicated at the moment! Happy growing/ medicating

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thanks, no you didn’t ramble. I like detailed explanations. I did find this website, Vape Pen Battery Guide for 2020 | O2VAPE. Gives some information and answered some questions. The closet dispensary, next state over LOL, carries cartridges and I know little to nothing about them. It is amazing one cartridge will have thc in the 80’s and the next only 24% so how do you know if you are getting a bang for the buck? And they are the same price! Can you point me to the inhaler that dispenses 10ml at a time?

I also watched a video on the tube for extractions and they had another type on there.

Would you mind taking a look at the website on 510 batteries or vape kits, or point me to the brand you bought? I have no idea what to buy and a recommendation or two would be sweet. A compact unit that has a case (or I can get a case) to fit in a smaller purse? I am on the east coast now but am originally from the Midwest, Chicago to be exact! Where are you located?

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So a few observations those pens look nice. The premium line has lifetime warr only adding $10-$20ish dollars is actually a decent deal. The others that are cheaper probably would work just as well. So it kinda depends on your preference with a pen mine is plain Jane hit button and draw. Some of these have the variable temps which if you’re looking for low dose would help with making product last longer, some have the no button options which you’d just draw from.All would fit into a small purse or jeans think of sunglass case.

Lol I’m 500 or so miles SW of Chicago :grin:
Love the east coast gotta get the kids out there before they’re too old to want to go with us.

@Midwestnewbie- if I am making hash, I shouldn’t need to do H202 bath, right? Got my bags order and will be here Thursday.

@NavyVet420 I never have but haven’t Made enough to feel comfy telling you not to.