Comments on Blueberry and Strawberry Kush

If any one has experience with these two strains - let me know ! Thanks

Strawberry yes blueberry no

Yes both , just harvested a blueberry that was very unpredictable by calendar days , had to just let it grow until it was ready , now if you wanting the colors , be aware it takes cooler temperatures to really get the colors pop , but it can also be challenging trying to keep temperatures controlled .

Details about grow ?

Thanks “joshi” sounds like Blueberry is easy to grow but mature date is longer than described ; this seems true of all blue berry strains (long flower times)

Yea I completely agree about the Blueberry strain. My one clone is now in week 11 of flower. This is her last week though, so she’ll finish at 12 weeks!

I’m a first time.grower and currently growing blueberry kush photos. I can tell you they definitely tell you when they aren’t liking things because theyre either growing a half inch per day or looking mopey with almost no in between from what I’ve seen. The nodes are stacked super tight and its fan leaves look like maple leafs they’re so big.

Can’t tell you anything about flower but fingers crossed on Halloween I will.

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I would remove every fan leaf now and let them puff puff up !