Coming to end of week 2 of flower

I plan to show weekly updates , as i do if anyone notices anything, and i mean anything lol please chime in. I really excited about this grow. With new learnings all seems to be going really well. Stay tuned. Tring some new things as well . Nothing major i dont think but stuff like getting ring of anything underneath canopy. Didnt take off a lot as ithis is my first time doing this. But i took of quite a bit.

Happy growing.


Cool. If you want to have more people follow your grow then I might suggest Using a single thread instead of starting a new one for each and every thing. We tend to bookmark or set to “Watch” a thread and when you abandon it and start a new one we miss your posts.
Just a suggestion. You have started 58 Topics and if I wanted to see your progress I would have to go look up each one.
But if you stick with one I can follow it for years. Some are missing your posts because they get lost in the feed and drop down the list too far before your followers log back in.

Like this…


Thanks will definitely do that.


@Spiney_norman has great advice, always.
Using the support ticket, early in the thread, answers questions before we ask and saves everybody time plus makes for easier understanding and reading.

Easier to assist others, if we know the game and playing field.

We try our best.
Good growing to you.


Ok hopefully im doing this right now staying on the same thread. Coming to the end of week three. Just finished watering the girls. Looking good and healthy to me. Bare with me not very computer savvy.


They look good, for sure

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Coming to the end of week 4 . Staring to get more yellowing on the bottom leaves. Honestly its the longest i have ever kept the plant green in flower. By now usually all my leave are faded.

Also added a mauie wowie to thhe collection