5th week flowering NL

need suggestions on what my flowers are looking like. first grow and no idea what Im looking for. Suggestions and advice please !!!


The focus is a little tough to see the detail, but they look good. How old is you plant and how long have you been flowering it?

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In my 5th week of flowering.

Looks good to me from here. Nice!.

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Needs more P & K but otherwise nice looking plants ya got goin on.

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Thought I needed to change my contacts lol. They look good. Are you getting the citrus and pine smell.

Not yet, but how long should I leave them in flower. Thanks.

Mine went 8 weeks

Ok, today starts the 6th week or these. Northern lights. Do you mist your flowers ?

No, not unless you want mildew and bud rot.

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I stop Foliar feeding misting after the second week of flowering. After that it’s time to drop the humidity you plants deal with.

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Here are some clearer pics of my blooms !

Thanks to both of your comments.

I started feeding banana tea to my flowering baby today and Organic Potassium with a dab of honey ?

Those are going to swell up real nice for ya

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That would be better if the quality were better.

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Im sorry I don’t understand your response ? What quality should be better ? Thanks.

I was wondering if you can use human grade trace minerals to feed your plants ?