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I have 2 strains london pound cake and super silver haze …the london pound cake is a bag seed its leaves r turning light green and the bottom leaves r yellow it popped out of the soil on 3 /26 ,…the super silver haze popped on 4/15 and it was a ILGM seed the color of it is ideal so does any one have any odea without testing the ph because i dont hqve a meter yet ! Its on the way , they r outside , deep south coast region, in 13 gallon buckets ,with happy frog soil…

London pound cake

Super silver haze

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Don’t worry about the bottom leaves. They will eventually fall off and that is normal.

It’s about time to start feeding. Are you monitoring runoff PPM? Begin feeding when it gets below 1,000.

There’s no reason to check runoff pH unless you have been feeding or you have not been pHing the water going in if it is tap water. RO and distilled don’t need top be pHed unless you are adding something to the water. Do monitor runoff pH every feeding once you begin feeding.


Make sure you have plenty of drainage. I would almost add some drainage holes to the bottom side of the pot. Looking good !


I drilled 8. 1/2" diameter holes in the bottom and put large rocks near the holes to prevent the dirt from clogging the holes that was before i put the dirt in the pots, now that i have seen the yellowing. ( btw it is getting worse and moving up the plant ) i went ahead and drilled 4 more holes 3/8" in diameter up from the bottom about 1 inch to help with the draining. I have since bought a soil moisture gauge to monitor the moisture. We have had tons of rain in the last 3 weeks and i have watered them 1 time ,nature has been watering them for me since… . I know something is wrong i just cant put my finger on it … the reason i say that is because out of the 3 plants i planted 5 weeks ago 1 is 2 inches tall the other is 6 inches tall and the 3rd is 7 inches tall. The 6 inch tall is the one that has yellowing leaves that is getting worse the 2 inch tall is same strain and it is just a very light color green …i will post some pictures later this evening im at work now
These r pictures that i posted at the beginning of this thread i will take some more today and post them to compare

This is the London pound cake i am worried about it is still struggling to grow and it has more yellowing leaves…these r pictures from this morning it looks like something is going on but i cant get any answers no have any solutions HELP…

In my opinion it looks pretty good! New growth looks green. I have some of the same plants that are different shades shades of green? I feed them the same.
Grow on! :metal:

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Thanks for the reply @4204life im just sus cause the other super silver haze was planted a month after and it is doing perfect …now it almost looks like it has pistils where the new growth is …the plants stoppsd growing a few weeks ago and now this


Super silver haze
( the birds tried to eat the leaves is y they look torn)

Update on the girl that was turning yellow it is doing something strange i wish i knew what is going on

I don’t grow outdoors, but are they getting enough direct light during the day?

Oh yeah i have a silver haze that is doing amazing 3 feet from this girl

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Just a little update…i planted too early they thought it was flowering time and they both went into budding , i think the LPC has reverted back to veg. But the silver haze is continuing to flower. So my question is can i do something to convince it to go back into vegetation stage ??? I will post pics when i get off of work