College degree to get into cannabis industry

Hey guys Swan here been a minute since I’ve been on but I had a buddy ask me what the best major would be to get into the cannabis industry and I recently came across an article talking about Northern Michigan University having a full major dedicated to cannabis. I read up on it and it’s actually called medicinal plant chemistry and teaches you way more than the horticultural part of cannabis. I was ecstatic about it and I actually wouldn’t mind going and getting a major in it because I too wanna get in the cannabis industry. What degree do you guys reccomend? (If I were to be in the cannabis industry I would like to be a master grower)


I’m guessing you answered you own question when you said northern Michigan state had a dedicated major on mj. I’m thinking that’s your major. Keep me posted

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Short of the Medicinal Plant Chemistry (which would prolly be ideal) I would recommend anything with a lean to the plant sciences: Botany, Organic Chem, Biology, Farm sciences etc. Also since you and your mate want to get into the “industry” might be wise to pad your portfolio with business classes.

It also depends on what you want to DO in the Cannabis Industry.

I am gonna have a look at the Med plant chem see what it is all about.


If you go to their website and click on that major you can see that you get botany and business classes as well to have the major


Looks like a pretty well-rounded program. :+1: