Opening a marijuana dispensary in Greece

From a enthusiast:

I would like your opinion only, if it’s okay.Cause you are a respected educated grower.
I’m a Greek citizen and my thoughts about medical cannabis have already got my full attention and I’d like to devote for this kind of work. First I started searching for courses and universities (heard that there’s one at America) to get a certificated education (something recognized by the government) I didn’t find something reachable cause of the distance and luck of funds. I would like to devote even my life for producing medical cannabis and open dispensary here or elsewhere. If you have something to feed my mind or to advise me how to set a start then I’m all ears, if not thank you very much even for reading this.

there’s cannabis college in Amsterdam but you can educate yourself if that’s too far.
there are some books about growing that you should definitely read and then there’s countless forums on the net to get some knowledge…
but be prepared if you are serious into cultivating fine mj then you have to devote some months of your life to get familiar with the basics and further more…
it’s not that hard it’s that you have to do research and grows until you master every stage of veg/flowering/curing.

btw r u serious about opening dispensary in Greece?
i mean is it possible of decriminalizing mj or any changes on legislation ?

I will try man, but first i want laboratory level education man, i’ve got covered everything from the internet but to start something like this you need something more serius and valid
Amsterdam ah ? got any details or some link ?
Thanks for your time

Copy/paste this yo your search engine. Cannabis College, Amsterdam. :slight_smile: