Coco questions or an alternative

Hey everyone. I bought a new tent. I wanted a smaller one so I got a 24x24x36 not realizing at the time how small it exactly would be. I do not think I can do a hydro in it because it’s not tall enough. I have a gorilla glue auto flower I was going to put in it. Now I’m thinking I need to put it in soil. So I ordered some more coco. I’ve never used it before. I see people mixing it with a 4-4-4 organic but the recommend brand is stupid expensive. Like 15.00 for a pound of it. Any suggestions on the best route to take would be appreciated. Thanks again guys!

Coco can be ran on it’s own. Just ph your nutrient solution from 5.8 - 6.0 and you should be just fine. That tent could work but not with an auto. If you scrog the hell out of it then you could probably pull it off. Good luck nonetheless


Scrog? I am not familiar with that term?

Do you think I can use the tent to house clones to cycle through in some way?