Co2 monitor, temp, rh. .. all in one?

Was curious if there’s a monitor/controller that I can hook my co2 regulator to but also display temps and humidity. I’m guessing like a main control board. Or do I just get co2 controller by itself and another for humidity and temp?

I don’t know that you can connect it to your system, but I have used this in the past.

IIRC, Inkbird may have these.


I’ve seen individual controllers by inkbird just didn’t know if maybe there was an all in one . But might be better to buy individual controllers now that I think about it in case controller goes down I’m not missing out on everything :man_shrugging:

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Good call. Inkbird’s ICC-500T controls CO2, but does not include even readings of temp/RH, though Inkbird does also make temp/CO2 controllers. I have one of their RH controllers for mushroom growing and it works great.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure if they had a combo or not.

2cents here : Inkbirds co2 controller is a bit complicated…been there, done that… Sent it back. Only their high humidity unit will pull accurate readings… it’s options to trigger at variable time settings and disperse different doses within thise variables is VERY interesting, but overboard for our applications…so–that puts the easy to understand and accurate Autopilot within a realistic plug and play category.

I must admit, to have wifi/blutooth control over Everything from a distance is alluring, but set it/forget it controllers allow me to calm my cluttered mind, and go on with other routines.

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So here’s what I’m using. Manual settings, no remote observations. Now… The inkbird I’m showing just got aced by AC Infinity when the new uis “plug” was created… Currently sold out (wonder why) awesome idea… Original poster, if you have an AC Infinity, skip the ink bird and add two of these to a 69 controller…

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This is what I’m using, but if you run an AC infinity controller, you could get the new uis plug that’ll manage whatever you plug into it… Humidifier and or dehumidifier

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