Co2 diffusers and ventilation

Looking for feedback on growing in a 4x4 tent that likely isn’t airtight. I’m aware the diffuser is to be above my canopy, but im curious of the affects of shutting down my ventilation.
Because my diffuser will be practically at the height of my ventilation ill have to shut it down or at least turn it down dramatically.
I’m in my last 5 weeks of my first grow and trying to maximize what I have as the bills have come in and my hydro cost and my fixed budget Peter needs to rob Paul a bit or there maybe a bunch of gear going up for sale.

If you shut off your ventilation you’re risking high humidity in flowering, and risking mold issues and ruining your crop.

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100% my concern so with these diffusers do you turn ventilation down?
Are these diffusers truly a “there’s a sucker every minute” type product.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re suggesting. Is this CO2 diffusers?
If so, then you can shut off your ventilation.
Pictures help if you can.

In the pic you can see the ventilation and my canopies, the ideal placement for the canister would be this height of my light.

Now I understand.
So in my opinion, the co2 is not needed if you have an excessive amount of light. Those panels don’t produce the intensity you’d need for co2 to be affective.
Secondly, the exhaust is sucking the co2 out, which is why you want to turn it off. That would do more harm than good.
The co2 isn’t necessary if you have proper air exchange.


Thank you

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These are my current conditions and the lights have been on now for 4.25 hrs of their 12 hr cycle

Yep, better off with good ventilation (as most growers are), you don’t have high enough light levels to even really benefit from CO2 enhancement and the last 5 weeks is not the time to try to maximize your yield, you do that in veg with training and growing them up big enough to prepare them for flowering to get the yields you want.

You’d maximize your grow more with better lights as well.


Yeah the lights were purchased on a whim when my province froze the hydro rates, but my bills still went up too much for my budget, so I need to shut it down after I’m done with this one and figure out how to make it all work, as I only have less than. A 6 month out door grow season and my prescribed amount for my conditions cost me a couple of hundred a month and the hydro bill increase just took 3 hundred out of pocket for next months medicines.

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