CMH HPS 315W Duo light

Hey guys, thoughts on these lights 315W Duo CMH HPS? Was thinking 2 of these in a 6×6ft tent for 4 (maybe 6) plants. Do u think theyre suitable for my set up?

Hi Par Duo Reflector CMH HPS Air Cool Reflect

I will pass this on to @dbrn32 about the lights, also mate be careful of the links, unless its for Amazon they dont like outside links, anywhere we can read these rules @MattyBear i think it needs to be made more clear as a lot do not know “the rules” regarding this. Keep going back to the other thread you started First Time Startup @Nedstark as some of your questions may have been addressed, also It makes it easier for the forum to help you.
Did you get your medium yet etc? ask away about your concerns, what to buy etc etc, we are here to help. You will need a PH and PPM pen and some 5 gallon grow bags.

Absomothafreakinlutly. That light looks great. If you could , get the cmh in a 4000k then when your in flower, you’ll have the 2300k hps and the 4000k cmh. Not to mention the mh for vegg

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If I’m not mistaken, that is just a reflector? Would still need ballasts and bulbs.