Close to harvest, leaves and buds are dying!

Any idea on what can be causing this? My father-in-law is growing it, he said he waters it enough, but we have had some hot days here in NY (Long Island). The stem looks pretty bad, and some buds are dead, but others look okay. I put some spray on it just in case it was caterpillars. He said the soil has the timed release miracle gro fertilizer. I wonder if it wasnt enough? Or too much?


You were still a few weeks away from being ready. I’m not telling you something you don’t know, that top half is dead and not going to recover. I cant offer anything as to the cause, as I know nothing about your grow. Possibly a neighbor spray it, thats aggressive Necrosis if this just happened.

I would say mold of some type, but I’ve never seen anything so extensive.

This is not helping. Recommend using a product balanced for cannabis such as Jack’s or the Fox Farm Trio. Time released anything and cannabis usually don’t get along.


@kaptain3d just had something simular happened to him. He cut the branch down and the rest of the girl is doing fine. He can give you some insights


As brown as the main stalk is, it looks like the whole is soon on its way out. As much rot and dead plant as there is, I’d scrap it. Probably bunches of mold and mildew coming up inside.

Mine seems to be doing fine now, but the damage wasn’t that extensive… :nerd_face:


How did you remedy it? It’s probably a week to 2 weeks from harvest, so wondering if the green buds can be salvaged by harvesting a bit early?

Isolate and remove. Bag any affected bud, cut from the stem and DISCARD.

Looks to be bud rot from the pics. And rapidly spreading at that. Those spores are HORRIBLE and get everywhere. Try to defoiliate unnecessary leaves and open the plant up some. And pray to the cannagods it doesnt spread


Is there an easy way to spot mold/mildew on the buds themselves? I cut a small piece off and trimmed it wet and its been drying for 2 days, looks okay, not too pungent of a smell, which I assume is because i cut it a bit early and it hasnt cured yet…

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Discard all buds growing from those stems? Both plants have that at the base, it hasnt made its way up the stem to where the good buds are though, are those able to be salvaged? Harvest early before it spreads to the health buds?

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Mold and mildew will start to look like a ripped piece of a cotton ball growing. You really need to pull them open and look in the buds. Not necessarily break it all up. Notice the coloration of the stems in the last pics you posted. It gets more brown towards where your holding them and fades into green towards the buds. I would personally discard that bud too. That branch is effected and you don’t know how far it has run up into the stems and flowers.

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Thanks, so if the browning is further away, the better my chances are of salvaging the buds? Seems like root rot that led to mold/mildew running up the stems and then rotting some of the buds…

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If you have buds that are pretty far, you can salvage then maybe, but I wouldn’t push them much longer to harvest. The only reason I’d chunk the one in your hand in the photos, is because my wife is a nurse. Her sanitary and clean practices have rubbed off on me.

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If your certain is hasn’t been sprayed, I’d suspect root rot, along with bud rot too. Want to find out about root rot? I’d cut all that dead off there and bag n tag & pull it out of the pot and have a look, not like your gonna stress them any more than they are, its extreme triage time. They really look like they have had a whole slew of issues for quite a while , from PH to Nute Deficiencies/lockout to overwatering, to bad weather and humidity.
If it is bud rot, I’d only use after a heavy H202 wash and alcohol/BHO/Co2 extraction, but that is me. Smoke test those testers and see if you are happy, look a bit too early to do much might be racy…maybe.