Close to end of flower am I in trouble

What’s your guys take on the dying leaves around this bud? I really hope it’s not rot. My temp are in ideal range for light and dark period so is RH when lights on. When it switches to dark the RH rises. 8.5 weeks into flower of unknown photo bag seed. In soil and I’ve been only watering for 1.5 weeks because I saw some nute burn. Sorry can’t measure runoffs

I’m seeing what looks to me a normal cannibalizing of leaves but you could be right with the beginning of rot I don’t think it is best way to tell is magnify them rot looks like webs. I think it’s just eating itself because you stopped feeding :crossed_fingers:let’s hope rot sucks

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Cheers @MeEasy I’ll be keeping a close eye on it for sure

Welcome, I would definitely look at it through magnification because if I’m wrong and it is rot it doesn’t take it long to ruin the entire damn plant

What steps would you take in trying to fix the problem if it is rot? Just cut whole bud

Cut out entire section and some either side is the advice Ive read on here. Good luck Bro

Cheer bro

Yeah you have to cut it out and carefully washing your shears in alcohol between cuts so you’re not just spreading it around