Cloning machine

What should the time on and off be for the spray manifold in the cloner be?

@Missiles ?

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Mine stayed on the whole time. It ran by a little pump and I didn’t have a way of adjusting it.

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@Covertgrower seems he asking how long to run the sprayer in the cloner machine when cloning plants. did my first clone in my super sprouter root machine and let it run 24/7 and all turned out good for me. but know u will have more info on the subject


I also ran mine 24/7 until I was happy with the roots.

I knew that. But didn’t know the answer. I have this answer: Animal cookie DABS!


Thanks guys I’ll try 24/7. I’m having issues getting clones through to root I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

how long its been since u cut them and did u use any rooting gel or powder on stem and cut stem on an angle

I’ve been using a clone king 36 hole.
Zero additives, just RO water. 24/7, low light.
Takes 10-14 days to see roots.

I’ve heard a little cal mag gets things moving, but I haven’t tried it.

not sure bout cal mag. but some rooting gels or powder never hurts when u first cut them to help promote root growth. im newbie but did my first clones and used clonex rooting gel and rooted pretty quick for me. someone with more knowledge will drop some tips im sure. pic of them will help also

I use Aloe Vera snip it dip it then drop it in dirt. I never thought both would make it because I knew nothing really about it. It look over 2 weeks to root. Covered and misted.

@Littleflowerbud , I baught an aloe plant to try cloning with. Reading up on aloe vera it has been used though time to clone. Aloe plant is good on a lot of areas. You can feed aloe to plants as food too. I use fish tank stuff with aloe in it to get rid of chloramine in my tap water. Its a minimal amount dont kkow if helps.

My last try at cloning using gel and riot rooters failed. I think i need to add a foliar spray next time.

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