Clones are weird

As many of you know ive made my first attempt at cloning. Its a mixed bag of results. Very odd in some cases.

Below are 4 clones, 3 feom same white og and one is a skunk#1 pheno im desperately trying to save. Everyones thoughts are appreciated…

First there is this guy… skunk #1. Taken same time as others. Only reason its so important is its the last hope to carry on the best skunk pheno i ever had. It was revegged and has taken root. It is in happy frog layered over OF. It hasnt done well and has nute burn or something. Im hoping it bounces back. Its a hateful forker tho.

These two jokers both white og. Same mother. Look odd as hell but growing nice. Why they growing so weird??

these 2 doin great, same mother as others but no odd growth and better structure. Im keeping one of the 4 white og as new mother. I had selected the large one but its got that weird growth. What ya think.

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Ill get better pic of the skunk and white og weirdos under normal light up asap.

Some clones grow strange for a while, until they’re fully settled in.
I’ve had a few that throw out single leaves only and never stopped.

Put a dome over them

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I dont have one big enough. What is the reason? They are well rooted and transpiring well. Abour 10" tall

Yea… these are throwing singles.

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Yeah the twisted ones almost look like a reveg throwing single leaves, but they’ll generally work themselves out of it. The little nute burned skunk is gonna talk a while to come around.

I hope so. It was unstoppable bud. None of the last 5 seeds germed tho, all duds. Out of 10 fem seeds i got the first ones to take, it was small and stunted but damn good. Then dropped 5 seeds and none germed so i was forced to clone and reveg that one. Im in no hurry and got the space. If it takes a year thats fine.

Cloning a plant in flower is more difficult, and you will get some odd growth from them until they get stabilized again in veg. Shouldn’t effect much though other than being weird.

I took clones for the first time from ak47. I had the same weird twisted growth and single finger leaves. They are finally starting to grow out of it. It took a good 3 weeks or so.

The weird ones werent in flower. The runt was tho.

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