Clone autoflower?

Can you clone off autoflowers? If so, when would be the best time to get them off the mother? And will they start all over with veg again or will they just be small flowering plants? Thank you!

Yeah, they will flower at the same time as the parent as small little individual plants.

You can take clones form plants when they are at least a month old. 6 weeks old, even better

I have cut a clone off of a plant that was 7 weeks old. The clone is growing good and is only about 3 inches tall. The parent plant apparently was an autoflower which I did not know at the time I cut the clone. It is about 3 feet tall and started to flower last week. Will my cut clone start to flower shortly like the parent even though it is only a few inches tall or will it go through a 7 week vegetative period first?

Let us know what happens. but from everything I’ve been reading about them, the cutting should flower at around the same time as the parent plant it was cut from. So if the parent is flowering now, the cutting should likely flower very soon.

I too have a clone or two from a mother plant under 24/0 light schedule and the mother appears to be flowering after about 80 days of veg. So I’m curious if your clone is flowering?