Cleaning Room With White powdery mildew? And Can it be eradicate?

I recently got a clone from a friend and I ended up with White powdery mildew.
I have been growing for 10 Years NEVER had an issue. But Now I do.
So now I need to try and eradicate it.
Right now I now am using a Milk spray which works well and the plants seem to like it.
But I would like to try and eliminate it totally.
I am planning on trying Marijuana Plant Protector on the Plants to achieve this.
BUT How to I clean my closet??
Everything I have read says it’s impossible to get rid of.
BUT I would like to I clean my closet walls and floors.
I Really don’t want to use a Sulfur burner.
Because that does not totally eliminate it Plus the odor.
Any Ideas on what to use ???
Any help will be GR8tly appreciated.

I’m not sure your entirely correct.

I tried everything.

I studied.

I listened to others with experience.

I concluded that only thing that does work is a sulfur burner

I bought one.

I eliminated leaf spot fungus 100%, and from what I’ve come to understand it would have done the same on powdery mildew, other mildews other fungi and it also helps to keep bugs down (I’ve had pm in the distant past, I don’t recall what I did but I don’t think I was able to eradicate it)

Put it on a timer, give the area an extra hour and you won’t be smelling it either. It’s not that drastic of an odor anyway, and I don’t smell it at all outside the closed room while it’s on

I think the bigger issue or equally as big here is is it really worth bringing clones into healthy successful garden?

I got my burner on Amazon for about 80 bucks, plus the pellets the whole thing was almost a hundred


  • best wishes

Edit: by the way I didn’t want to use a burner either I put it off for months and tried to chase it with milk and neem and baking soda and all kinds of other things and it didn’t work

I didn’t want to use it because I have respiratory issues, but it causes no aggravation to my respiratory issues so you can rest assured that it’s not bad indoors

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Hey I’ve just about lost my crop just recently and i kinda have it knocked down. Iv tired almost everything here guys from distilled milk to cuh2o and so far nothing has really worked but cuh2o i sprayed them last night after some quick research on the product. website was a little tricky but managed to get the info i wanted has anyone heard of this or am i useing somthing i shouldnt any help is appreciated thanks
Maybe i should put the website link in so everyone can be on the same page here copy that and check this out thanks

Oh man, ive been using it for years! Seriously! I love this product. A few years ago we got hit with some humidity hard over here. And i damn near lost both my indoor an outdoor crop! :frowning: a farmer buddy told me about the same website. Yeah its a little tricky to navigate but they do have an amazon page now to. I spray this stuff every 2-3 days, all the way up till the day i harvest my buds. I havnt had any issues with powdry mildew or budrot. Deffinatly recommend it!

Wow not gonna lie i didnt really expect a response that quick these threads are normally dead nowa days but no doubt my lights come on at 7 so when they come on ill let you know the results the guy at the store told me i can see results in litteraly 24 hrs not to sure if its true but if soo then ill deffinatly let you know whats ur experience with it like do i have to wash the buds/plants after spray how much can i spray before i OD the plants on copper beacuse with it has copper in it or a form of copper that is any ways let me know thanks for the help man really appreciate it and the quick response

When you clean room if you use a vacuum make sure it a hepa filter or you will just spread spores every where FYI
Once room is empty scrub everything with strong beach mix let dry and scrub agian I would repeat at least twice maybe 3 times to ensure I got everything good put fan in room to try everything out good
Next grow remove excess water after watering or feeding and keep good air flow in room I use min of 2 fan in my 6x4x6 tent plus a intake fan and exhaust
Stagnant air cause mold good air flow is a must
I have a small fan on floor blowing air under canopy and a tower fan with base removed hung on back wall blown straight down wall my intake fan ( lower right back) is on opposite side of exhaust fan intake ( top left front)
Keeps air movement all around plants some mold can not grow

Hey no doubt man i was actully planning on tearing this room down and putting up new plastics i definitely didnt think about the possibilities of spreading spores while vacuming much appreciated on that part man i guess it is kinda common sense but yeah man thanks dude also not to like spam this thread with stuff about cuh2o but hey if this other guy heard of it have u like have u had amy experience with it just concerned not saying the other guy is lieing but hearing it from more then one person would be cool thanks

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Hey instead of using harmful bleach to scrub the walls that cuh2o stuff has multiple purposes to it. It’s a bacteriacide, fungicide, and algacide so you could technically use it as a spray on molds and get to scrubbing. It works wonders on PM you’ll see next day difference and I spray it for lulz as a preventative and a micro nutrient

Huh no doubt technically speeking that would make sense just kinda concerned on what it might do like will i end up having to like hard core rinse my walls do u think but a light application i dont know it might just be fine like that have you ever tryed it if not ill be the Ginnie pig for that i gotta clean it anyways here soon

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You can definitely get something else to kill the mold but bleach is cheap a couple $ per gallon and works well
It’s up to you and good idea with ripping out all the plastic and staring fresh
Good luck with your situation brother
@Paranorman and given you a great link and suggestion

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Thanks guys for the support glad to know im not the only one out here