Several questions about powdery mildew

Questions from a fellow grower:

still have powdery mildew (mainly on flowering plants in flower room). I
assume the distance of the veg plants has somewhat spared them.
sprayed SM-90 on flowering about 2 weeks ago. It “washed” off the leaves
& buds leaving a white "mildew-residue which is mainly on the lower
1/4 of the leaves on certain plants.
The PM is now on some plants,
but NOT on others. It was on every flowering plant. Now, there are 2
strains unaffected. There are not more than a dozen leaves affected on
these and 2 others which seem to have won the battle with the
application of SM-60. Just the lowest, and smallest, buds on those
plants are affected even though they grew in same pot as very affected
(flowering) ones.
I have sprayed the veg with Potassium Bicarbonate,
and I am using Actinovate beneficial bacteria on the veg to prevent more
infection. I am about to harvest what I can… , then start adding some
of the veg when all flowering are gone.
How should I clean the flowering room? What can I clean with or do to prevent the new plants I add from infection?
After 22 years of growing indoors, this is the first time I have been attacked by mold & mildew.
What will this do if burned and inhaled?
the “washed” white film that dripped down towards the main stem ( &
buds) when the SM-90 was applied ( a mixture of SM-90 and the powdery
mildew) inert now?
Is it dead?
I caught it early. I have cut most of the bad off.
What can I do now? What should I do?
you know, why the heartiest, stickiest and best growing plants have
heavy PM on the leaves’ stem and bottom portion where it sticks to the
bud or stem?

Mildew sucks ass to put it bluntly it is hard to kill for several reasons key among them being it likes the same environment our plants do high humidity and warm. You dry it out it’s spores get in the air it finds tiny creases and cracks to hide in then when conditions are right again it comes back to bite you in the ass. Since it now resides in your space cleanliness is key, change all filters scrub room top to bottom disinfect pots dispose of any media it may have been able to get into wash fans fixtures you name it this stuff hides well and can be dormant for years. Apple cider vinegar or peroxide for any exposed soil on plants still in room H2o2 will get rid of it in your plants soil if added to your watering as for your plants will have to clean all and start preventative routine milk mixture mist weekly would help or above mentioned apple cider vinegar.
Primarily you want every room it’s been in cleaned also you want to address the causes too high humidity poor airflow dirty cloner? you have to think back to when and what let it in the door and prevent this from happening again :slight_smile:

it sticks to the plant there because the conditions are perfect their not too much light moist and minimal airflow it feeds off your plant it is moist just above the soil this is a reason many people lollipop keeps the bottom of plant open for good airflow and reduces risk of soil pests nute splash etc.

I second the milk mist! I have used it with great success in several grows. I used 6 parts water to 2 parts milk and misted away. Make sure you get the top and bottom of the leaves!

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