Clawing on zkittles auto (first grow)

What I thought was possibly wind burn, but I’m doubting it because the canopy was barely moving. Leaves a twirled because of tucking I believe.
But I can’t figure out why it’s clawing. This began happening right before I gave it its first dose of ff trio/ rhino skin 1/2 dose @ week 3.5 since sprout.
I’m happy frog/perlite.
Water and nutes going in at 6.5.
Strain is auto zkittles by ilgm.
I’m also growing a gelato in the same space.
About a week ago I noticed my gelato taking off, but the zkittles was turning into a shrub.
Since then I raised the light from about 19” to 23” and I noticed the zkittles enjoyed the change in light.
Spider farmer sf1000 for a light
The gelato seems to be doing much better even though I broke 2 branches performing LST.
Don’t hurt my feelings this is my first grow​:joy::joy:


Looks good i just finished the same strain and had the same issues and it was just transitioning to flower stage that made it look weird but she grew out nice


Clawing can be caused by a few issues, including nitrogen toxicity, pH problems, or watering practices.

Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?


Hmmm that’s very interesting. Did you get any spotting during this transition?

I will be testing those next watering.
She isn’t up taking as much water as the gelato. I’m guessing because the canopy completely covers the soil, and the gelato doesn’t.
I tested runoff ppl before first feeding , it was at 1000