Christmas tree/Sad auto/deficiency Nute burn?

Hi this is my my second grow. 2 led 100w
Sohum living soil(cyclops method)
Promix 50/50 sohum top half the soil in 5 gallon grow bags. Lower half 100% sohum living soil.
The center of the pot is straight promix.
GG auto and Bruce Banner auto.
I am using a reverse osmosis system.
The Ladies turned into Christmas trees very quickly. I did not top them(big mistake) I am running out of space. I did not want to cut the top off because I did not want to stunt them. I will most likely remove the saucers under the plants and move my carbon filter to increase space.
They are 60 days old since dropping the seed. I believe I’m having a deficiency. The Left GG auto has a very red main stem. I’m noticing they look sad and has yellowing and a little of burn tips. I attached pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated. Watering PH has Ben 6.3


They are looking alright…my opinion would be you should tie down the main line on both, without snapping them…you might be able to make it to harvest…being that close to the light is not good.

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Getting pretty close to them lights there.

Look into super cropping


Red stems…red stripes pretty common with gg. Pk pigs. Always got them growing gg as main medical. Welcome to the forum.

I’d recommend supercropping that top tall stem and tying it down.

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Is it a little late for supercroping in the flowering stage? . they are 60 days old.

Hey Derf. You mean tie down the main stem to the side of the tent rod?

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It would be a soft supercropping. Get some of that gardening green stretch tape and tie down the top cola.

300 FEET x 1/2" 4mil Thick Stretch Non-Adhesive Tie Tape Plant Garden Green Stake

How is this??


Yup, exactly.

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Thanks Bro. Quick question. What about cal mag and RO water. I’m using supersoil. Should I add like 4ml per 2 gallons?

Yup! Looks good.

I believe that u have a magnesium def as u can see the viens on ur leaves are dark green and ur leaves are much lighter i would give ur plant some Epsom salts in ur next feeding or watering

Thank you Everyone!

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Remove the filter and put it outside, hang your exhaust fan from to back and zip tie your light to the upper support bar and you’ll get roughly 10 more inches. And as stated a super crop is an option but needs to be done soon where they’re at in flower :love_you_gesture:

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@Derf02368 a lot of great advice already given :point_up:! Welcome into Club Canna!! Enjoy the grow party!!!

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Thank you everyone for your advice! I will post an update on this thread in a couple weeks :crossed_fingers:


Update photos Everyone

UPDATE!! Before chop


Gorilla glue left plant took 6 months I tried lol. Mid closer to low quality

Beasty sized branches!! Hope she doesn’t attack!! We’ll grown!!

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