Chop Watch. Lots of yellow, not lots of amber...How much longer?

This is Jack Herer auto in FFOF, fed with Jacks 3-2-1, approximately 75 days from sprout. As you can see, the leaves are yellowing pretty heavily now and the larger fan leaves are shedding daily. The buds look nice, pistils are mostly red, but I don’t see any amber in the trichomes. I’m happy to let it go longer but don’t want to wait too long and miss the harvest window. How long do you think until harvest?


Edit- I looked again. You got a ways to go.

When you harvest is really up to you. I personally, would wait but from the looks of it you are pretty much mostly cloudy in the tric. You’ll get different opinions on this. Harvesting now wouldn’t be unheard of. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic and it’s just something not everyone agrees on.

I think you harvest when the yellowing starts to get into your buds. If you would see it after they are trimmed….that’s the point I would harvest these.

At this point I think it’s a personal preference. What are you looking for in the high?

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I think the yellow leaves will let loose from the buds and fall out or pull out easily once they’re completely done so as to not leave yellow material in the buds.

As far as effects, I don’t want racy paranoia, and don’t want paralysis, lol. My gut says it’s got at least another week to go but the yellowing leaves make me second guess it. It’s also go SO MANY light pistils still, they just seem to keep coming in waves.


Nice looking plant! I’d say 3 more weeks, based on pistils. Couple questions (answers, actually!) would help in pinning it down better…
Are you feeding them? What, how much? Calmag? She looks hungry, doesn’t have burned tips so you aren’t overfeeding her. How long since she started to flower (not from sprout)? Where were the trich shots taken from, top bud, middle buds, etc?
If you wait 3 more weeks, you’ll get another 20% yield as well, or more!


I’m in agreement. Wouldn’t hurt to feed her.

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I mentioned in the OP that I’ve been feeding jacks 3-2-1 pH adjusted to about 6.7. Tap water PPM is about 250, Input PPM with a standard dose in a gallon of water is about 950 PPM. I’ve been feeding once the runoff PPM drops below 1,000. Last watering it was down to about 800 so I fed today and the runoff jumped up to 1,400 so I flushed with another gallon of pH adjusted water to get runoff down to about 1,000.

I know it looks like it might be hungry but I don’t really think it is since it’s been getting fed pretty regularly. It did start showing some very slightly burned tips a few weeks back so I eased up on the feeding. I’ve been more worried about overfeeding than underfeeding but it seems like the symptoms are so similar that it’s hard to tell the difference.

It has been in flower for about 6-7 weeks.

Trich pics are taken from about 1/3rd down from the top and you can see that they’re bud/calyx not leaf.


I was adding cal/mag every watering as well but haven’t used any for the past couple weeks.

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Probably a ph issue of you are using ferts still. More than likely you have a salt build up. You will need to run a lot of phd plain water w calmag thtough and then run in fert. I’m talking about several gallons. I wouldn’t worry about overwatering right now as it looks like your plants aren’t getting nutrients.

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I’ve been monitoring runoff pH every watering since last flush back to base(which was about a month ago) and it’s always 6.4-6.8, and I’ve been keeping the PPM between 800-1200 ish.

You think the buds would be growing so well if it wasn’t getting nutrients? That top cola is like 22" long and 10" in circumference.

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They obviously have no nitrogen. If your ph is on then I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a calmag deficiency.

I know I’m all over the place here. I would definitely add calmag. That never stops. I think you have a nute lockout. I don’t know what else to say. Your buds are going to continue to age without nutes but how that will affect the potency taste etc I don’t know. It’s not ideal.

Regardless, something isn’t right there and that’s why I don’t do soil. Too hard to correct if you ever have an issue. Especially in small containers.

You say you flushed a month ago ? Was this when the yellowing started? How confident are you in your ph meter?

Lots of questions….there’s an issue though. At this point for me…I’m probably not too much help.

This plant started yellowing more than the other two that were in the tent, the runoff pH was 5.9 and PPM was well over 2,000 so I flushed with 10-12 gallons of tap water pH adjusted to 6.8, until the runoff was back up to 6.5 and PPM were down to about 350. Then I let it dry and and re-started feeding with cal/mag and Jacks 3-2-1, pH’d to 6.8 and monitoring runoff every time, keeping the PPM between 800-1,400ish. The yellowing stopped over the next few weeks and the plant greened back up.

I’ve checked the Ipera pen for accuracy several times, it’s good.

I’m doing a slurry test now to see if the runoff pH is misleading. I carefully took a couple TBSP’s of soil from a couple inches down and mixed with a couple TBSPs of distilled water. Will mix several times and test shortly…

Nice plant! And I agree with Spud… Feed. There are more-hungry plants I ran into it twice check out my Wedding Cake. All flipped same day.

Yellowing is a given… Now I got purple veins n browning edges (no bloom nutes?) but yours got yellow veins (sulfur used up making terps for all them flowers?) look up leaf charts (just a hunch) no big deal up the trace minerals if you can couple more weeks

Slurry test pH 6.9, dropped to 6.8 after about 30 seconds of having the pen in the water. I’m stumped. The only thing that makes sense to me is normal fade, or possibly heat stress. The tent gets up to mid 90s when the light is on, nothing I can do about that.

I can bump up the Jacks 3-2-1 to 1,000 or so next watering and add some cal/mag but it seems like most suggestions are to reduce feed over the the last couple weeks, not increase it. These weeds aren’t as easy to grow as they’re rumored to be, lol.

True, unless you have a pig of a plant! She’s showing you she’s not getting enough. Feed her until her tips burn (painted nails), or at least until the fading slows!.

Flowering for 6 or 7 weeks already…yep, 3 more to go!

After a little more testing and a bunch of research I’m confident that this is just a natural phase for this plant and not directly related to over/under feeding or pH problems. The leaves are yellowing from those with the longest stems to the shortest stems, and the leaves that are tight to the stems and buds are staying nice and green. I’m confident that this plant will stay healthy to harvest, which I expect to occur in another 10 days or so.

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I’ll be interested to see. What I can tell you is that I had that issue in soil and didn’t have it in coco. I think it’s because nutes are more readily available in coco. Regardless- I had a blueberry plant that did the same thing. It was in soil and I was getting all kinds of answers. In the end it was my best plant to date. That’s the beauty of this hobby. I think there a lot of questions where there is not one right answer.

Thanks. This is such a nicely structured plant, it has about 10 branches that would all be considered pretty nice main colas on most autos I’ve seen and the central cola is a beast at almost 2’ long and really fat. It should put out pretty good weight of premium bud for a relatively small plant. The two that I removed from the tent and put outside pale in comparison. They’ve got way more branches but buds only covering the top few inches or so. I’ve been wondering if the pot has anything to do with it since that’s the only real difference. The two in the cloth 5 gallon pots are twins and this one, in the tapered plastic pot is totally different, and they’re kind of shaped like their pots.

Getting closer…

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She’s sure got some hairy flowers!