Chong thinking about dropping a few outdoors

So I am thinking about dropping a couple of photos that i got for free from seedsman. I’m on my 3ed indoor grow with autos never done a photo. Never grown outside… when should I drop them? Plan on using 5 gallon pots with ocean forest. That’s what I do on my indoor grow.

So yeah, I’m high.

Indiana/Michigan stateline area. When to drop? Anything else I need to know about weather?


You should be good to start them inside now but keep them inside until begining of or mid May that far north. Temps need to stay above 60 or it seems to stunt growth.

I have a similar prob. I usually have a friend that I give my clones to, but he doesn’t have any room for my latest round of clones. (taffie x blue dream fem) and ( black domina fem) was thinking of putting them in the ground outdoors. It’s mid Aug and I live in the north east US. I that they may get stunted a little bit by temps possibly getting low at night.
Is this idea a waste of time and money???

This late in the year and that far north, I think they’ll start flowering pretty much immediately.