Chia as a cover crop?

I have a bunch of chia seeds and they grow quickly!
Ive seen people using clover as a cover crop but have yet to see chia being used despite of its benefits to the consumer, cost, and speedy germination.
Im gonna try it and post updated pics later!

Ps: i think im the first to try this out :crossed_fingers:t5:


Don’t see why you couldn’t!

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Works for Groot…


:joy::rofl::joy: then it works for me!

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Chia is not really a nitrogen fixing crop. Sure if you grow it, then chop it and let it decompose it will contribute some nitrogen, but is it more than it took to grow it? Will it pass the N into the soil before you harvest?

You want something that’s taking atmospheric nitrogen and converting it into the root zone where your cannabis can access it. Clover is great. Legumes are great until they start to flower, but then they uptake all the N and use it for flowering themselves. So once again you have to chop and let it compost into the soil to gain benefits.

Otoh, if you just want to keep the soil from drying too quickly, chia is fine.

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I have tons of chia too, maybe I’ll sprinkle over my area I prepared today. I had a bag of winter wheat that had some random fava beans in the mix. It felt a bit crazy to be so excited to be prepping an area for next years crop already but it is nice to have a fall/winter project. Last year I just tilled the wheat and bean greenery into the soil in about February, then covered it with coffee grounds/egg shells/banana peels/etc and covered it with black landscaping cloth so it would all heat up and quickly decompose. It seemed to be a fertile area this year :heart_eyes:


Second time using the chia and i love it! End of week 2 and there are ZERO pest, a really refreshing smell, and its a awesome living mulch.

Oh and these are 7 gal smart pots in a 4x2x5 tent. 2 Strawberry Kush fem. photo from and 1 Gold Leaf fem. photo also from FIM’d at 5th node and will be again at the 10th.


Looks good! I might have to add that into my cover crop mix.

:thinking::thinking:what are these cover crops uses :thinking::thinking: