Check up on when ready for harvest

Hi guys just want to see how close to harvest I am. First time I’ve gotten this far so I want to get the process right.

I have two plants. Both been going for a good 3 months now. I made some super soil so I am hoping the nutrients are sufficient, not sure if I should add any, I haven’t of course.

Plant 1: auto White widow. Grown in 2 gal pot (small I know), super soil mix. Topped around 5th node. Middle stem was split 2 months in, I quickly put them back together and provided support. Since then it appears to have kept growing.

Plant 2: auto blueberry. Grown in 3 gal pot, super soil mix. Topped around 5th node. One cola split from stem recently, I got to it a little late (happened during day). It was hanging off so still getting supply from plant, I tied it back in place. Looks OK and has been for a week and a bit.

They look healthy I think… White widow has gone purplish on top and it looks awesome. Just not sure how long it takes to fatten up, it has looked like this for 2 to 3 weeks, minor changes throughout.

Any guidance would be great. Really want to make this a success. It’s my third attempt and my first two were over the last year were failures unfortunately. But getting the hang of it :slight_smile: thanks all. If you need more pics let me know!

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You have some yellowing on the bottom of the 2nd plant. Unless your plants are nutrient deficient, that is sometimes a sign of maturity. But in order to tell, you’ll need to check your trichomes. Can you get some close ups of the buds?

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Thanks mate. I have updated the original post with a close up for each.
The yellowing has been happening for over a month now. It’s still going, one fan leaf after the next. So I assume it’s using the energy from those and putting it in bud, i suspect when that’s done it’s ready? The buds don’t seem too fat, not sure if they are meant to be in this configuration.


Yes the plants will cannabilize themselves in middle to late flower, as they are putting all their energy into bud and oil production, but this is not always a for sure way to tell that they are ready for harvest. The best way to tell would be reading your trichomes. If you’re looking for an energetic buzz, you want the trichs to be mostly cloudy but if you want a couch lock high, wait a little longer for some of them to start turning Amber.

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So it’s in a harvestable state now technically, with less of a couch lock effect and more energetic buzz, as it appears cloudy to me?

I grew in a pretty dense super soil, not all obviously just the bottom third, I would imagine it isn’t deficient in nutrients but who knows… it doesn’t appear to be Esp considering they were damaged too.

Thanks again.

I would say 2 weeks or so based on the pistils.

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Thanks. This applies for both of them? Smaller one looks more dense.

I would say so. You still have a lot of white pistols. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded. Do you have a jewelers loupe for checking the trichromes?

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No Loupe. Something I should invest in I assume?

Happy to be patient, just trying to gauge the stage they’re in. This is the furthest I’ve gotten! Thanks heaps.

I would definitely invest in jewlers loupe or some type of magnifying lens. Like @Familyman said, if your plants are still producing white pistils, then she’s still producing more flowers.

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You want to be able to see pictures like this.
tricomas-2 th%20(5)


I’ll get one. This means they are producing more flower or are ready? Thanks

Sorry, here’s the right link, hopefully. I found it helpful.


I will read this today. This is great! Thanks heaps.

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Question: my White widow definitely has no new pistils and hasn’t produced any in some time. It’s in a smaller pot than the other hence its size. Does this suggest it’s ready or past ready?