Check out these trichomes

8 weeks flowering on this OG kush and the trichs are very cloudy with amber showing on the leaves, but pistils haven’t really started to turn yet. this is kind of a new one for me. buds are very dense, but appearance wise, they look like approx. 3 weeks to go, but trichs don’t.


And here is the bud pics.


She’s a leaner like my current plant. Good growing, @Dexterado. Looks like yours are a week or 2 ahead of mine, as mine haven’t filled out as much as yours yet.


Keep an eye out every day as things could go fast with the pistils turning all of a sudden. It’s kids weird that many are still white

You look like you are at the 50/50 stage of trichomes. There is still alot of clear on the stalks of the trichs but the head is opaque. The trichome will loose that crystal shimmer when it is mature. As for the ones on the sugar leaves. Straight ignore them, they have no bearing on the doneness of the buds themselves. Also, the plant will mature from the top down. It is a good idea to always look 1/3 of the way down the plant and 1/3 of the way down the bud to assess done-ness. You have a couple weeks left give or take a week. Beautiful plant.

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good points about the stalks and test buds.
@Dexterado good trich pics.