Check my trichomes. Please

Once again harvest time draws near. This is my second ever crop, and to my eye, it looks like harvest time now. Would someone please check out these pics and share your thoughts?


First of all, NICE COLAS, Cant really see and what are you going for? Whats the strain(sativa or indica or hybird) ?

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This is White Widow autoflower. They are on day 90 tomorrow. I see a lot of amber trichomes, but also some clear still so I’m confused.

Looks to be within the window of harvest…depending on your preferences of course!!! Congrats on the success!!!

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That confirms what I was thinking northerngreenthumb. I’m going to check it daily until I see a bit more amber and a bit less clear. Probably coming down this weekend. That’s almost 3 months exactly (93 days) from the day the seeds were put into the soil. Holy crap. That’s fast. Yeild looks good. Quality is exceptional. Huge dense buds covered in trichomes. Smells like heaven in my tent. If autoflowers can produce this quality this quick with a comparable yeild, why would I go back to photo periods? Thanks for the help!!!

@tbrant1969 I agree…i pulled a white widow auto today(ol ladys plant lol)(she wanted it down) 80 days total…wet weight 21.2ozs

Other one going…


thats a nice plant :slight_smile: good harvest

Thank you! I’m pretty happy with it.

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Those plants are absolutely incredible.

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